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Zywiec Polish Beer

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Zywiec Polish Beer
Zywiec Polish Beer Zywiec Polish Beer

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Żywiec Brewery is a Polish brewery. Before WWII it belonged to the Habsburg family and was based in Żywiec in Silesia. Eventually, it was acquired by Heineken. Zywiec is by far the most popular beer in Poland, and has had good sucess in other countries and continents. The brewary produce several types of beer, usually pale lagers of varying strenghths from usually 10.5% to 14% balling or 4-6% alchol. Including:

Żywiec Full a Pilsener Żywiec Porter a Baltic porter Żywiec Full Light a Light pilsener


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2b3 posted over 7 years ago

Many beers tastes almost like Żywiec. Almost makes the difference.

PMK posted over 5 years ago

All Polish beer tastes the same.

Stella Nomore
Stella Nomore posted over 5 years ago

I have drank Stella all my life but now drink zywiec because it is a better beer I should know.