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ZE:A (also known as Children of Empire) is a South Korean, 9 boys group from Star Empire Entertainment which first showed their faces back in April 2009, on MNET’s “Office Reality” where it showed them training up for their debut. Some of the members have reportedly trained for more than four years. They made debut on January 7th 2010 releasing their first mini-album Nativity.

Members :

Hwang Kwanghee
The Model
Birthday: 08/25/1988 (Age-24)
Height: 179cm
Facts: Fluent in English, likes tennis, cooking & scuba diving, modeled for “Smart”, likes impersonating Jo Kwon

Park Hyeongsik (Hyungshik)
The Pretty Boy
Birthday: 11/16/1991 (Age-19)
Height: 183cm
Facts: An avid gamer, likes skiing, appeared in the Jewelry S “Date” music video

Moon Joonyeong (Junyoung)
The Leader
Birthday: 02/09/1989 (Age-21)
Height: 180cm
Facts: Likes soccer & bowling, appeared on Mnet’s Pretty Boy

Kim Taeheon (Taehun)
The Group Umma
Birthday: 06/18/1989 (Age-21)
Height: 177cm
Facts: Is an athlete, loves beatboxing, does lots of aegyo

Kim Dongjoon (Dongjun)
The Maknae
Birthday: 02/11/1992 (Age-18)
Height: 175cm
Facts: Playful, goofy, likes soccer, has ABS!

Kevin Kim
The Australian
Birthday: 02/23/1988 (Age-22)
Height: 180cm
Facts: Fluent in English, also speaks Chinese, Japanese & Korean, appeared in Seo In Young’s “I Want You” MV

Jung Heechul
The Thespian
Birthday: 12/09/1989 (Age-21)
Height: 177cm
Facts: Plays the trumpet, also an avid gamer, loves soccer & acting

Im Siwan
The Fashionista
Birthday: 12/01/1988 (Age-22)
Height: 175cm
Facts: Plays the violin, likes snowboarding, is best friends with Kwanghee

Ha Minwoo
The Dancing Machine
Birthday: 09/06/1990 (Age-20)
Height: 178cm
Facts: likes dancing & cooking, appeared in MBC’s Introducing a Star Friend (with Kim Kyung Rok)



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sandrela posted over 5 years ago
I love this band (mazel tov) Laughing
hannah cutes
hannah cutes posted over 4 years ago
they are so cute!!Smile
kyuhyun4ever posted over 4 years ago

Dongjoon oppa saranghaeyo!!!

Mara. posted over 4 years ago

lalachintara posted over 3 years ago

HYUNGSIK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nadin_chan posted over 2 years ago

ZE:A! Faiting!!!! I relly relly love them!!♥♥♥♥

russian ZE:A`s!