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Yuu Kanda

Created by Aura1920. Last Edited by Aura1920. Tagged as: TV
Yuu Kanda
Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda Yuu Kanda

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An 18-year-old Exorcist from Japan, Kanda is the first Exorcist that Allen meets at the black order HQ. He can recover much faster than ordinary humans due to a mysterious tattoo above his heart (possibly the word 'Om'). Kanda seems to be able to withstand the blood of Akuma because of the tattoo. It is related to a lotus flower, sealed in an hourglass, that sits in Kanda's room and is connected to his life. It is said that when it wilts, he will die. His purpose in life is to find a person that he refers to as "that someone"; he states that the search will be hard, but until then, he will never allow himself to die. So far, the lotus flower has lost three petals, but is otherwise still robust--it still has 10 petals left. The hourglass and flower are said to be his only personal possessions. His birthday is on June 6.

Kanda has long black hair, which the mangaka notes that he uses soap to wash. At one point in the anime, Lavi braids Kanda's hair, causing himself to nearly get sliced by Mugen. He also comments that Kanda is a "pretty-type character", and Allen occasionally calls him "feminine face". However, Kanda has a harsh tongue, a foul mouth, and a cold manner, and tends to say "che" a lot. His master, General Tiedoll, calls him "an antisocial humbug."

Yuu is Kanda's given name, but he dislikes being called that. He calls Allen "beansprout" (モヤシ, moyashi), because compared to him, Allen is somewhat short and of a slight build, not to mention Kanda is older. Kanda seems to have a slightly friendlier attitude towards Lenalee and Lavi (who even calls Allen "bean sprout" for a while because Kanda does too), though he doesn't hesitate with his usual threats if Lavi calls Kanda by his given name. However, it is clear that Kanda does care for his fellow Exorcists and the Finders (whom he claims not to care about). For example, he saves Allen from an Akuma (despite his own injuries) even though he said earlier that he would not help Allen even if Allen were about to die. He also rescues Gozu, a Finder who accompanies him on several missions. He masks his emotions and often claims, "It's none of my business."

Kanda's favorite foods are soba noodles and tempura (especially pumpkin, shishitou (a small, sweet green pepper), and lotus root). Kanda dislikes many things, to the point that "there are too many to write down". However, Kanda himself points out that he hates people with naive personalities (Allen), people who don't keep their promises (Allen, who promises to protect Lala and Guzol but is severely injured during battle), cursed people (upon his first encounter with Allen), people who can't keep their mouths shut (General Tiedoll), people who call him by his given name (Lavi), and "sweet things" (as in food, especially cake and candy).


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Natsumi_Aikawa posted over 6 years ago

Yuu Kanda is the best xD!! Just like that lol

He's.... the best samurai haha! I love him

AliceOfMurderland posted over 5 years ago

Allen: bakanda!

Kanda: moyashi!

MissNightbelle posted over 4 years ago


Love Allen more though...

Tooru Yuu
Tooru Yuu posted over 3 years ago