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Yui Yoshioka (stylized as YUI) (born March 26, 1987), is a Japanese singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, music arranger and actress. She is currently signed to Studioseven Recordings and attached to the talent agency Stardust Promotion.

Yui Yoshioka was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She grew up in a single-parent family; her father left her mother before she was born. She stated that she had always been close to music; she would remember the beats from music she heard on the radio, and could sing it. By the time she was in elementary school she thought she would like to become a singer.1 During her third year in middle school, at her mother's suggestion, Yui began writing a journal of her feelings and tried to compose them into poems. By the time she was in high school, she began to write songs.2 While in high school, she worked part-time to help pay for tuition. She thought that, being so busy, she no longer had the time to realize her dreams of a music career. Eventually she got ill.1 While in hospital, she was overwhelmed with the desire to make music. She decided that school and music could not coexist. Upon leaving the hospital, she encountered a live street performance and expressed her desire to pursue a musical career to the band, Bianco Nero, at the end of the concert. Bianco Nero advised Yui to join a private music school. Yui soon dropped out of high school and began to study guitar and songwriting at a juku in her hometown of Fukuoka.1 Aspiring to become a professional, she took to street performing at Fukuoka's Tenjin Station. These street performances helped Yui to overcome her shyness.

Her professional career began in March 2004 when, at the recommendation of her juku instructors, she applied for an audition hosted by Sony Music Japan.3 Despite the audition rule that a participant could only perform two songs, Yui was allowed to sing three. She first sang "Why Me" (a song later included in her debut single), followed by "It's Happy Line" and "I Know". The judges gave her the maximum score, causing a fierce scramble among record labels to sign her.[citation needed] Because "I Know" was incomplete at the time, the judges were able to get a glimpse of what would later be dubbed "Yui-go", or Yui-speak (Yui語 in Japanese), nonsensical English hummed to a tune during her songwriting process — an example of Yui-go can be found in the film Song of the Sun when Yui is working on the song "Goodbye Days". On December 24, 2004, she released her debut single "It's Happy Line" under the indie label Leaflet Records, coupled with the track "I Know". The pressing was limited to only 2,000 copies in her home area.

Upon leaving her hometown in Fukuoka for Tokyo, Yui wrote the song "Feel My Soul" as a tribute to her hometown. She initially had planned its release on an indie label. However, when the song caught the ears of Fuji TV producer Mr. Yamaguchi, who saw the demo video clip, he claimed that Yui's voice touched him so much that he went out of his way to visit the recording studio.[citation needed] Fuji Television's primetime drama Fukigen na Gene used Yui's debut track as an insert song. On February 23, Yui released her first major debut single, "Feel My Soul". The music in Fukigen na Gene was based on her songs "Feel My Soul" and "It's Happy Line". With the publicity the drama tie-in drew in, "Feel My Soul" managed to sell over 100,000 copies and managed to chart at number 8 on Oricon Weekly Charts in its first week. Her next three singles, "Tomorrow's Way" (theme song for the Japanese movie, "Hinokio"), "Life" (5th ending theme for the anime series Bleach), and "Tokyo" did not chart as high as Feel My Soul did and were only moderately successful in comparison. After the release of four singles, Yui released her debut album, titled From Me to You, a moderate success with sales of more than 200,000 copies.

Yui made her acting debut in the full-length Japanese feature film Song of the Sun (Taiyou no uta, タイヨウのうた),4 which opened on June 17, 2006. The film was screened at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.5 Yui attended the Japan Academy Prize and received the Best Newcomer Award for Midnight Sun. Prior to the release of the movie, Yui released her fifth single "Good-bye Days" written specifically for the film. The single is by far her highest selling at more than 200,000 copies sold. All three tracks on the single are featured in the "Midnight Sun." The single also re-released the track "It's Happy Line," originally released on her debut single. Her next single, "I Remember You", did well in terms of sales, riding on the wave of the popularity of "Good-bye Days." Yui's seventh single "Rolling Star" was chosen as the 5th opening theme for the anime series Bleach. Her eighth single, "Cherry" was featured in commercial promoting KDDI au Listen Mobile Service. She released her second album Can't Buy My Love on April 4, 2007. The album spending two weeks at number 1 on the Oricon charts, shattering her entire previous album's record sales in one week. Can't Buy My Love managed to sell over 680,000 copies. Due to the success of Can't Buy My Love, Yui's previous album, From Me to You charted once again, adding another 9,000 copies to the Oricon counting.

Yui released her 9th single "My Generation/Understand" on June 13, 2007. It was her first double A-side single. "My Generation" was selected as the ending theme for the drama Seito Shokun!, and "Understand" was chosen as the theme song for the movie Dog in a Sidecar (サイドカーに犬),6 (starring her senpai at Stardust Promotion, Yūko Takeuchi). The single charted at number 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts the first week of its release. Her tenth single, "Love & Truth" was released on September 26, 2007. The title track is the theme song to the Japanese film, Closed Note (クローズド・ノート) (starring Erika Sawajiri, also of Stardust). During this time, her previous two albums were re-released as Winter Sleeve Editions in alternative covers taken from her "Love & Truth" photoshoot. Her first live concert DVD "Thank You My Teens" was released on November 14, 2007, which contained footage of her second live concert tour. On November 19, 2007, Yui opened her first live show at Nippon Budokan. The tickets for the concert sold out.7 Yui started 2008 with her eleventh single, Namidairo, released on February 27, 2008.8 Yui composed the song as a "mysterious and sad sounding" insert for the television drama 4 Shimai Tantei Dan. The chorus of the song was incidentally written by YUI long ago, during her singing debut. A week following the release of her 11th single, the promotional video of a new song "Laugh Away", was released. The song was used in Glico's "Watering KissMint" commercial. "Laugh Away" was released as a digital single on March 10, 2008. Her third studio album was released on April 9, 2008 titled I Loved Yesterday. It quickly charted at number 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold more than 400,000 copies, only a little behind her second album. The 10th track on the album, titled "Oh Yeah", was used as the opening theme to Mezamashi TV, a morning television show. The limited edition version of the album included a DVD which contained music videos of her previous singles and live footage of her Nippon Budokan show. Yui's third tour, named '"Oui": I Loved Yesterday' started in May 2008 and ran until July.

She released her 9th single, "My Generation / Understand", on 13 June 2007. This was the very first time that Yui released a double A-side single. My Generation is the theme song for the drama "Seito Shokun!", and Understand is the theme song for the movie "Sidecar ni Inu." 

Although she is uncomfortable talking to people, she enjoys communicating with her audience at street performances in the Tenjin district of Fukuoka.




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Sana posted over 8 years ago

I love her voice…it’s sweet and soft. Plus I loved her acting in Taiyou no Uta!

steve loke
steve loke posted over 8 years ago

no he voice no good is ayumi better then her

Kera posted over 8 years ago

yea she has a really nice voice, and her character from Taiyou no Uta was just adorable

Jussi posted over 8 years ago

Yui is definitely my favorite artist.

MDV posted over 8 years ago

I LOVE YUI !!! She’s the best :D

kirsteen posted over 7 years ago

i love yui. she’s so kawaii especially her songs and her voice! you rock!

kei.Ko posted over 7 years ago

YUI ’s so kawaii xD her music is so cute~ __

derx posted over 7 years ago

yui is so good at singing!!

kurogoma posted over 7 years ago

One of the rare few female J-pop artistes I really really respect. YUI is cool, and super-talented.

Sakuri<3 posted over 7 years ago

yui…..looks pretty….though i have not heard her sing though but i will try to…..

kaispiral posted over 7 years ago

nt only an angelic face, but a stunning crystal clear vocal, pen down own lyric, wOOT what more can u ask from a singer?

adrianabalkish posted over 7 years ago

i luv yui sooooooooooooooo much

she have sweet n soft voice.

i start' like her when i heard a song kol "tomorrow's way"

da mv is perfect.

Alan23 posted over 7 years ago
Japanese style of Avril Lavinge, maybe even better than her. Her songs... its simply just the best. Good Luck to her future!Laughing
chen-x posted over 7 years ago

Yeaahh  YUI is the best... my favorite cute :)
her songs are really really really really really :)  good..
 .... love her

konkira posted over 7 years ago
I love CHE.R.RY, but I think I just might be in love with Feel My Soul. Great songwriting, great voice, great style and killer guitar chops -- she's awesome!
hydeto posted over 7 years ago

never 4get this Girl since i hear her song....

 YUI punk rock never die..

Yuuika posted over 7 years ago

YUI is the best!!! i love her so much!!!

BillBroad posted over 7 years ago

this gurl roxxx

samsam9212 posted over 7 years ago

i love yui ^^ she's cute and talented :)

kirei na onna
kirei na onna posted over 7 years ago

Yui is my favorite j/ artist girl, she's so cute, kirei na hito and has a lot of talent, i really respect her… my favorites songs of her are LIFE and FEEL MY SOUL.

Waffu posted over 7 years ago

Yui Rock...My World i liki Taiyou no Uta...almost made me cry...sad movie

 Yui Really Cute...!!Kiss

nami03 posted over 7 years ago

muka xang filipina.

teppeinokanojo posted over 7 years ago

is it true that she and teppei used to be dating? coz a website mentioned that teppei was dating a girl named YUI (2 yrs ago i think) and i dunno if its her or aragaki yui... I just wanted to be sure :) If its true then Yui is very lucky :)

d23t posted over 6 years ago

i like Yui's voice i think is the best. I like Yui's voice over Ayumi Hamasaki

by8n7 posted over 6 years ago a YL..yay..YUI is the best of the best

she's so kawaii 

Anime-shn posted over 6 years ago

I love YUI so much ..

I really do ..

waaaaaaaaaaw ..

wh bth

shinsouyumi posted over 6 years ago


oh yeah...

shinsouyumi posted over 6 years ago


oh yeah...

shinsouyumi posted over 6 years ago


oh yeah...

munie-chan posted over 6 years ago
She's one multi-talented singer! She writes n composed her own songs! N yet she's so gorgeous! Her voice is like angel! I love YUI very much!Laughing
cheon posted over 6 years ago

I like Utada Hikaru than her.

zoulx posted over 6 years ago
I love her unique voice!!
mikael_wind posted over 6 years ago

I love her music.she has nice voice.

Pudfker posted over 6 years ago
I really like her 'From Me To You' CD Cool The girl just needs to smile more is all. lol Smile
WIZKID posted over 6 years ago

Yui Kicks ass, MIDNIGHT SUN was awesome!!!!!!!

shes the best


ChocolateG posted over 6 years ago

Yui is an amazing person. One of the most amazing girl singers in Japan. She has such an soft voice. Shes rocks..

~Rock ON!!

MAORI posted over 6 years ago




luv yui very much..



MAORI posted over 6 years ago

kawai nee,,


luv her voice and songs..

Shin 4
Shin 4 posted over 6 years ago

When i heard Yui voice music its me more energy & happy

Shin 4
Shin 4 posted over 6 years ago

What are nice wheater to hear some music

Shin 4
Shin 4 posted over 6 years ago

Yui song 'love is all ' not so bad to

Keep make a good song yui you the best


yuumi-won posted over 5 years ago

I love YUI's voice and songs.... everything is awesome ^^

My favourite YUI's song is 'Tomorrow's way' this song is the most beautiful song I have ever heard !!!

YUI rocks !!!

catnipper posted over 5 years ago

The most gifted japanese singer of all time.

tapalesjames posted over 5 years ago

Yui? When i heared her song and watched her at Midnight Sun, She totally awesome, her voice and the way she played guitar. Her songs are really touches my heart. I wish to meet her someday.

tsuki yuki
tsuki yuki posted over 5 years ago

i really adore her she is my role model

Goyip posted over 5 years ago

Yui is my inspiration…

~Haruhi~ posted over 5 years ago

Her voice is really clear and plus she's a very good singer

PansyPurple posted over 5 years ago

I love her…

arini nisa
arini nisa posted over 4 years ago


i'm a Yl :)

haeliel posted over 4 years ago


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