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"You're Tryin' to be Cool, You Look like a Fool to Me"

Created by coldwinternight. Last Edited by coldwinternight. Tagged as: Experiences
"You're Tryin' to be Cool, You Look like a Fool to Me"

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People are so stupid when they acting like somebody else :(


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zeros girl
zeros girl posted over 6 years ago

cool i liked it

JoJo.0_0 posted over 5 years ago
483 posted over 5 years ago
Isn't this quote from Avril Lavigne's song 'Complicated' ?
[-live*laugh*love-] posted over 5 years ago

I like it…and yea alotta ppl are jsut wastin their time tryin to fit in…be saves alotta time trust me :P

rararon posted over 5 years ago

So many people I know try to act cool, they try way too hard and I always feel like punching them in the face and sayin “look dumbass, your making a fool out of yourself, please stop” but they just don’t listen.