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Witch Yoo-hee

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Witch Yoo-hee
Witch Yoo-hee Witch Yoo-hee

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Ma Yoo-Hee (Han Ga In) is a beautiful and successful career woman in her twenties but with absolutely no talent when it comes to love. She is the only daughter of the owner of an advertisement company where she works as an advertisement planner. She has an independent personality and is called a 'witch' for her exactness in taking care of business. Although Ma Yoo-Hee is a successful careerwoman, she doesn't have much romantic experience. She went to the States to study, and comes back to Korea to impress her first love Yoo Joon-Ha (Kim Jung Hoon).

Chae Moo-Ryong (Jae Hee), an aspiring chef with an absolute sense of taste, becomes the love coach of Ma Yoo Hee and eventually changes her life.

Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh) is a famous French Chef from New York. He despises that his stardom overshadows his cooking and concentrates only on his cooking in Korea. He will play the matchmaker between Ma Yoo-Hee and Chae Moo-Ryong.

Yoo Joon-Ha (Kim Jung Hoon) is an ambitious surgeon with whom Ma Yoo-Hee has been in love with for a long time. Yoo Joon-Ha is a cold-hearted character who is capable of betraying his most precious love for success. Though he is an ambitious two-faced character, he is a bad guy in the sense that his weakness stems from his strong desire for success.

Nam Seung-Mi (Jeon Hye Bin) is the beautiful, kind, clever and ernest ex-girlfriend of Chae Moo-Ryong who, unlike Ma Yoo- Hee, puts marriage in the first place.



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eunhyuk4eva posted over 7 years ago

i got the dvd

lilomess posted over 7 years ago

i havent seen the drama but kim jung hoon is in there so i might watch it.....

is it good?

Serenity posted over 7 years ago

I was just a little disappointed with the ending... I was hoping they had elaborated what happened to the main and supporting characters (Did Moo-Ryong and Yoo-Hee marry? Did Moo-Ryong graduated and became a chef? Did Nam Seung-Mi just let them be or did she fall for Johnny instead?) cause it was all left hanging. So many questions were still left unanswered; though, I can say this is a very good drama. Is there a sequel or an alternative ending to this?

hello nice to see you
hello nice to see you posted over 7 years ago

the ending of the story not really nice. The director should show what happene to each character in the end of the story. But, the the film quite nice, and the actors and actresses are really good and cool. I hope anyone of you can explain to me why the ending like that. Even my friends also complain why the ending like that. my friend and i to dissapointed with that matter. i hope you can reply me as soon as possible because i just finish watched this drama last monday.

feia_kjh posted over 7 years ago

i agree. the ending was somehow kinda "rushed" but what i love about it was KJH was there. though the character he portrayed wasnt really the typical him but i would still consider this as one of my favorites ;)

Hanna-me posted over 7 years ago

Love this drama!

shahila07 posted over 7 years ago

i kind hate the main character in this drama which is moo-ryoung...i hate that when he left seung-mi for other woman,seung-mi is a nice n understanding woman in this character..n i hate the ending of this drama so boring n questioning..????

Nitz posted over 7 years ago

I fall in love with dennis oh when i watch him for e first time..hes so gd looking but e acting a bit weak..hehehe...

overall i love e drama but ending a bit hanging n stupid..hehehe

anybody know e theme song for diz drama..wat title n who sang diz?? pls let me know..thankz :)

miezhie posted over 7 years ago

i dont really like dis drama itskind a stereotype with others….

bertwin posted over 6 years ago

this is the best korean drama i've ever seen. . i cant get this drama get out of my mind. . its so beautiful. .

i guess the ending is a bit depressing. . they didnt mention what happened to the cast. .


i wish it will have a part 2 or a movie. .

bertwin posted over 6 years ago

this is the best korean drama i've ever seen. . i cant get this drama get out of my mind. . its so beautiful. .

i guess the ending is a bit depressing. . they didnt mention what happened to the cast. .


i wish it will have a part 2 or a movie. .

dett posted over 6 years ago


KurazyCoco posted over 6 years ago

oh jeez.  im pretty jealous!

i like this drama a lot.  in the beginning it was weird for me, but then

it's freaking aamzing!  any other dramas liek this that i should watch? 

onins4evah posted over 6 years ago

i love it!

geles posted over 6 years ago

Why many finds this drama boring?
This drama is interesting!
It's so romantic and i like yoo hee:)
She's so pretty and mu ryong is cute:)

Keep working hard,HGI and JH!

voltz posted over 6 years ago

i want a part 2 of this Korea drama Witch Yoo-hee this the best.

anjhay posted over 6 years ago
This is one of my two fav dramas love them both so much ... and love jae hee as well as ga in and dennis ... keep it going guys ...
nurulee posted over 6 years ago

luv u dennis!!!

ur so so cute

luv ya so so much

_dada posted over 6 years ago

To Moo Ryong:


-I don’t know how to start everything... I don’t even know how to make this letter be sent to you... Just, what I know, while I’m making this letter, I’m thinking of the things that you've abstractly shared to me... You know what; I really admire you for being someone whom I want to be in the future... I may not be what you really are, but I will live with the ways you have. I mean, I don’t want to imitate you; otherwise, I want to have you as my inspiration to move on and fight till the end. Know what, I’ll gonna miss you, together with Yoo Hee... You've really changed the mood of my life and perhaps, encourage me more to be what I am... I don’t know how to start my life again without you in my side.. Just thinking that you're really gone, I can’t help but to take a deep breath to accept that fact... but, as what you said Moo Ryong, "Smile!!", and for you, I will really smile... I will make my every day as if you were there to look for me and guide me and of course, to help me carry out the day... with you, I learned not to be afraid in taking risks and making abrupt decisions... I learned how to make my life happy and not to be contented to what I have now, instead, seek for more until the last breath goes. I learned how to make effort at my best that even at my worst job, there will still someone who'll appreciate it at the most of it. Wheeeeeew!!! Well, what still can I do?? You’ve left already... I will never regret the day when we met each other... I treasure that day (September 6, 2008) and those days that we had together (until September 8, 2008)... Days (particularly, 3 days), which were really short in span, but, they were as if, a hundred days since we firstly met... I will really miss you... I know, I’ll never meet you again and that really hurts a lot... Yet, I will face each day of my remaining years full of encouragement and happiness... I will remember all the things you've shared to me... Those were the most precious advices that I have acquired... Thanks a lot! I will do my best to have my own life story that will be unique from others... Well, I will get going!!!


I hope you'll never forget me too!!!

To you, "you've really worked hard!" "SMILE!"

Look Here,

This is me...




beanjr posted over 6 years ago
I was hoping that this story of Witch yoo hee has a season 2. or other ending. because i love this comdy/drama stroy of Witch yoo hee. Cool 
elec3tries posted over 6 years ago

never seen any great drama as that..

very fun and lots of comedic and cute values...

y'all gotta watchWink

Yuna_YooNa posted over 6 years ago

i love witch Yoo hee.. crazy about Dennis oh!

witch_shey posted over 6 years ago

i just love wich yoohee … han ga in and jae hee makes  a beautiful couple but as everybody says the ending is a bit deppressing but aside from that its really nice… oh i love jae hee…

kor-lover posted over 6 years ago

i got this story from my friend because he introduced it to me and willing to share this drama with me. thanks a lot. when i watched this drama, i can barely feel the feelings of chae moo-ryong and ma yoo-hee as if i was there too. it was very touching at every scenes. i don't feel bored at all because of the theme songs; they did well to seconded the couple doves' feelings. why in the world there is no such thing gotten into me instead. im also wanted to be as worthy same as the worthiness of ma yoo-hee even she is cold-hearted. i am totally into in the drama right now. ohh.. i feel like i want to go out there and shout profusely that i love this drama and invite other people to watch it as i assumed that they will also like the drama as well as i do. but, i agree with others that if they were saying that the ending of this drama seems like hanging somewhere. yes, totally hanging. omg. the director should provide another happy ending so that the viewer will satisfy and feel worth watching this drama.. hmm.. i want once again emphasizing my oppression towards the ending of this drama. it is totally unacceptable because when we were feeling touched by the end of the story, the ending itself disrupted. so next time, to all korean directors, plan well, organize the plot of the story well, search for fit theme songs for the drama because they affect most as if they are the heart of the whole story and the most important thing is try to sustain the dramatic and touching moments at every scenes but not all, when they fit to such scenes. but overall, JJANG!!

bbgheew posted over 5 years ago

i don't really like this korean drama

i love jae hee more in delightful girl chun hyang



sandrela posted over 4 years ago

I love this drama ^^

chopslip posted over 4 years ago

The best drama i've ever seen. I love it and recommend to those who haven't seen it yet