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Windows Vista

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Windows Vista
Windows Vista Windows Vista Windows Vista Windows Vista

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wizard13335 posted over 8 years ago

Windows Vista may be a next-generation Windows operating system, but most of the new features in it are already in Mac OS X , or are being developed for the next version of OS X . Not to mention it’s hardware requirements and the fact that it took six years to make (compared to Mac OS X ’s 1 1/2.).

polynaut posted over 8 years ago

Vista – the next de-gegeration… of Windows…

Pepper posted over 8 years ago

ha ha …i put the best reason to buy a mac. I put it on my old PC…wow…pretty much a shity OS 10 if you ask me. They are soo far behind. They can’t keep up with Apple doing so much better than them!

pewpewlazers posted over 8 years ago

Apple is still a laughable child’s toy that crashes whenever you open Insert every single program ever made here

autumn-haze posted over 8 years ago

“Apple is still a laughable child’s toy that crashes whenever you open Insert every single program ever made here”

haha so true :P All the same, I’ll be in no hurry to switch to Vista, mainly because it’ll initially be tricky to crack an illegal copy and still get updates etc :’) I’ll stick with my modified version of XP Professional, and have a dabble with Linux when I get a new computer instead of my VAIO laptop

Sulcalibur posted over 8 years ago

I’m really liking Vista. It’s a lot better than i thought it would be. I was just about to buy a new mac but until they sort out the adobe probs with the new processors then i’ll stick with Vista. Well dome Microsoft, you are starting to make decent stuff at last.

jojo posted over 8 years ago

Come on you Windows heads, buy the damn OS, I want a nice payout on some of my investments.

adrian posted over 8 years ago

I just installed it on my Mac. I’ve been playing around with it and its not too bad (that might change once I really get to know it). I think Microsoft may finally know how to build an operating system. The graphic fluff is not overdone, and looks way better than XP. Things work. Its the first Microsoft OS that feels right for a change.

If you like Vista over XP, I just want to say, guys we’ve had it like this for the last 5 years with Mac OS X . Fortunately having a Mac now means I get the best of both worlds, with great quality hardware.

I’m curious if Apple will make a big jump away from Vista with Mac OS X 10 .5, and if Microsoft can keep up. I thought the whole computer thing was dead, but this might get interesting.

quaternions posted over 8 years ago

I have Windows Vista. Its an improvement over XP in many respects but it needs to be configured too much. A lot of programs for it just don’t work as i type, or they work badly. This operating system will be excellent when i have it configured properly and the programs it’s broken catch up.

I don’t see the point of Macs they are more expensive than PCs and there is less availability of software. Why pay more for fewer features?

I’ve tried Linux 3 times, its just rubbish.

adrian posted over 8 years ago

Quaternions: On the face of it you can look at a Mac and go “why pay more for less features?” But you actually get more. You get to run windows software through bootcamp or virtually. You get to run all the high quality iApps (and brilliant niche apps) that are not found on Windows. You have a system through and through which is of better quality. You don’t have to worry about viruses and windows unreliability. (You may think now that windows is pretty reliable – believe me it can be better). The hardware is excellent. PC manufacturers just don’t get it. And the ones that do are more expensive.

But the cool thing now is that going mac isn’t a risk. You are not exclusive to running Mac OS X . You can jump and around to Linux or Windows. It all works, and it works pretty damn well.

quaternions posted over 8 years ago

I just had a virus and i’ve spent all day backing up data, reinstalling Vista and reinstalling my software. So i’m not too impressed with it right now! Getting rid of the virus wasn’t a problem but it toasted my firewall, anti virus, system restore and windows update. It even disabled online scanning. To say it was clever was an understatement. I bought a 500Gb hard drive online last night, so now i just have to wait and see if my credit card has any surprises…

I’ll stick with Vista tho. For the reason that of late i’ve been making some screensavers and to do so i found 8 different programs without even trying. It’s difficult to see how macs with a much smaller user base could support so many programs. I realise you can emulate windows o/s so maybe one day…

adrian posted over 8 years ago

I think paying more for hardware has created a culture of high expectations – so you get quality. It’s been around along time and users number in the 10s of millions, so its passed critical mass. If you ever had an Amiga, the user base was nothing compared to the mac userbase today, and it had heaps of games and apps.

There is a built in screensaver development app in the free Apple developer tools. It is insane. Unbelievably innovative. We were going to rip off the concepts once to build a web development app.

Sorry if I sound all fanboy over the Mac. Personally I think any OS is irrelevant. The paradigm has changed. There has been more innovation online than anywhere else.

adrian posted over 8 years ago

Oh, I still think Vista is pretty cool, I’m enjoying it. Kudos to Microsoft for a change.

quaternions posted over 7 years ago

I do look forward to the day when the o/s becomes irrelevant, it’s not healthy for one company to monopolise like it does. But i’m now happy with Vista.

On a side note i got CS3 Web/Design premium last night on a torrent. I wanted Photoshop and ended up with the rest, i’ve just been to the Adobe website and i can’t believe the price of that software, its 3 times what i paid for the PC. I was like WTF ?! lol.

bagley posted over 7 years ago


Rath posted over 6 years ago

Best OS?


WTF? Haha, best overrated OS probably. And the bugs! My oh my.

silversnow posted over 6 years ago

Vista is crap. Nothing ever works with it

483 posted over 5 years ago
I have this for my laptop, its the best! Loads more options and settings and more clear...and cool layout too LOL
i hate vista
i hate vista posted over 5 years ago

Cry   I think Vista and any ver. of vista is s**t for it is so F**king incompatible with everything. My games, my movies all of it I think Microsoft should put it group of nerds together and make a crash, lag, BSOD and for god f**king sake make it compatible with most or even better all programs. Now that would be great I would pay 10k for it. Oh and make I easer to navigate through it and stuff, F**k  Tongue out