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Virtues of Harmony

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Virtues of Harmony
Virtues of Harmony Virtues of Harmony Virtues of Harmony

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Virtues of Harmony (Traditional Chinese: 皆大歡喜) is a long-running sitcom from Hong Kong, lasting 322 episodes with two direct seasons. Produced by Tsui Yu On, the sitcom was a TVB production and aired every weekdays from September 17, 2001 to December 28, 2002, ending right before its sequel, Virtues of Harmony II, was released in 2003. The series chronicles the comical events and life of the Kam household, a rich family during a prosperous time in the Ming Dynasty of China.


The Virtues of Harmony II is a long-running TVB television series, which follows its first series, Virtues of Harmony, a series set in Ancient China. This new, second series of the Virtues of Harmony is set in Modern Hong Kong.



Nancy Sit
Frankie Lam
Bondy Chiu
Michael Tse
Cutie Mui
Bernice Liu
Yvonne Lam
Joyce Chen
Louis Yuen
Johnny Tang
Hawick Lau
Lee Kwok Lun (Season 2)
Kingdom Yuen (Season 2)
Stephanie Che (Season 2)
Lau Dan
Maggie Siu (Season 2)
Timmy Hung
Sherming Yiu
Johnny Ngan
Helen Ma



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purple octopus
purple octopus posted over 6 years ago

Synopsis, please!