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Do you think this is the best?

It's the best! There's better! Bookmark is a video site and i personally think its kinda better than youtube becasue google took over and is deleting videos that the employees of google think that youtube shouldnt have some ppl  like anime and other ppl upload anime ,some like watching ppl make a fool of themself but the start deleting those too !!!! so veoh lets you upload anything accept like porn or something bad but veoh is it own site... but you see i dont think the fact google took over youtube... google is a great search enging i search on it too . but like i said if youtube was its own site it would be better..

and veoh lets you download the video's so you can watch them online or off .

im just saying youtube iis not only the best website.


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absynthefairy99 posted over 7 years ago

love it…..most of my dramas i downloaded on this website to my ipod. Yey!

Shifter posted over 7 years ago

this really coool site!! i hv just started using it and it's great!! i hv a long list of items 2 download :)

KatsyKarma posted over 7 years ago

Not sure about VeohTV though really.

catskittenst posted over 7 years ago

I love veoh! I watch all of my dramas on that website!

Maribel posted over 7 years ago

i love this video site,because it is where i get to watch, Gokusen and Hana Yori Dango..

Raychel923 posted over 7 years ago

VeohTV is <3

labellaluna posted over 7 years ago

before i found Veoh, I bested You Tube as the best video site.

VeohTv is really great, you know? I watched most of Korean drama there, and that's all for free!

Just have a try!! !Smile

lilomess posted over 7 years ago

probably the website with the best quality

Chabala posted over 7 years ago

I luv that site where I can watch many many jdramas! <3

rafo3 posted over 6 years ago

ya .. i like it too ..

but it's not warking now .. i dont know wut happened ?!  Frown


AnimeHime posted over 6 years ago

Yay! veoh is pretty awesome! I find what I'm looking for 90% of the time!

keitoX posted over 6 years ago

Why I dont like voeh is that its not an internatinal site..I mean not everyone can access veoh like YouTube and other sites.

It may have the best quality and all,but its not available in the majority of countries.

Rei Kurosawa
Rei Kurosawa posted over 6 years ago



Shugi. posted over 6 years ago

They have everything. Too bad it’s blocked in Serbia. T_T

Siory posted over 4 years ago

I hate veoh! It's not supported in my country T-T…