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V2: Vertical Velocity

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V2: Vertical Velocity

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Vertical Velocity (V2 for short) was built in 2001 (along with Déjà Vu) at Six Flags Great America. This "impulse" coaster blast riders up and down two vertical towers. Riders are seated on an inverted train (which seats 28 riders). Once the brakes come up, the operator will say "Clear for Launch...Good Bye," and all of a sudden the train will shoot off at about 40-50 m.p.h. and go up the first vertical tower (which is twisted. After decending the tower, riders will blast backwards through the station, and up the second vertical tower (which is not twisted. At this point, riders are facing a little pond under the tower). After decending the second tower, riders blast back through the station (at this point, the ride has reached the maximum speed of 70-73m.p.h.) and up the first tower again (almost reaching the top). Once again, riders will decend the tower, shoot through the station, and blast up the second tower again. This time, however, the train stops (it literally gets stuck) for a second or two facing the ground. After decending the second tower, the train shoots through the station one more time, climbs the first tower, and the brakes come back down. After falling from the first tower, the train hits the brakes, and is brought back slowly to the station. This coaster is a must for thrill seekers!


Name: Vertical Velocity (V2)

Height: 185ft

Speed: 70-73m.p.h.

Length: 660ft

Color: Yellow and Blue

Number of Trains: 1

Manufacturer: Intamin A.G.

Circa: Spring 2001


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