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Unicorn Table

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Unicorn Table

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unicorn table is a popular Japanese pop rock group now gaining fame in America after the U.S. release of the anime “Jinki:Extend” which features their hit song “Fly Away” as the opening theme and an incredible US debut performance at the 2006 Akiba Fest: Christmas Cosplay Concert ball. Comprised of two talented veterans of the Japanese music industry, the band features the beautiful singer and songwriter, Salia, who is the perfect match for music composer and guitar payer, shin-go. The two come together over complex layers of electronic instrumentation, samples and electric guitar grooves that present a unique upbeat alternative rock sound.

Before coming together to form unicorn table, both Salia and shin-go worked as solo artists that have been recognized for many musical accomplishments in the anime and Live-action Japanese music field for years. Salia, with her strong and sought after vocal talent gained fame as the original singer of the “Cutey Honey Flash” theme song and the opening theme “Trust” from Vandread. Shingo’s incredible arrangement and guitar skills can be heard in the live action movie “Casshern” and anime like “Solty Rei,” “Pumpkin Scissors” and others.

unicorn table’s popular debut album, “uncountable,” is released in the US through TenBu Productions and features songs from “Jinki:Extend,” “School Rumble,” and more. “uncountable” was an instant hit in Japan and is compiled of solidly produced tracks that are hip, energetic and raw with a style all their own. Their live performance brings all their music to life with a fun and energetic show! In Japan they have performed in huge concert events that attract thousands like: “Animelo Summer Live 2005”, the “Jinki:Extend Concert”, the “School Rumble Come! Come! Well-Come Party,” and more.


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