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Top Thrill Dragster

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Top Thrill Dragster

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Top Thrill Dragster: The tallest (420') and fastest (120 m.p.h.) roller coaster in the world. Riders beging their journey by boarding a train shaped like a top fuel dragster. Riders get in, fasten their seatbelt, and pull down their lapbar (yes, a lapbar). Once their restraints are checked, they are then brought out to the "starting line." The "starting line" in themed with blechers (so people can watch), sound effects (the vrooming of the engine), and, of course, and christmas tree light. After a minute or so, you hear a clicking sound, you move back a little bit, and you the brakes go down. Then, everything goes quiet, and the lights shine "Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GREEN!" The second it hits green, the train blasts off at 120 m.p.h. all the way down the launch track. After reaching the end of the launch track (which isn't very long to begin with), the train shoots up vertically into the sky, rotates, rides the apex of the tower, vertically faces  the ground, twists all the down, and slopes out to reach the finish line and hit the brakes. From the launch, to hitting the brakes takes 15 seconds. It's a ride that should be on the top of every thrill seeker's list.


Name: Top Thrill Dragster

Height: 420ft

Speed: 120m.p.h.

Length: 2,800ft

Color: Red, White, and Yellow

Number of trains: 6

Restraint system: Simple seatbelt and lapbar

Manufacturer: Intamin A.G.

Circa: May 7th, 2003


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