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Tom and Huck

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Tom and Huck
Tom and Huck Tom and Huck Tom and Huck Tom and Huck Tom and Huck Tom and Huck

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Tom and Huck is a 1995 Disney film starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Brad Renfro, Joey Stinson, and Rachael Leigh Cook; it is based on Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In the film, a mischievous young boy, Tom Sawyer, witnesses a murder by the vicious Injun Joe. Tom becomes friends with Huckleberry Finn, a boy with no future and no family, and is forced to choose between honoring a friendship or honoring an oath because the town alcoholic is accused of the murder. The movie was released in the U.S. and Canada on December 22, 1995. The movie received an PG rating from the MPAA for some villainous acts and mild language.


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