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Tokio Hotel TV

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Tokio Hotel TV
Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV Tokio Hotel TV

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                   Tokio Hotel's Official Youtube Channel


International superstars Tokio Hotel are taking the music world by storm.
Band Members: Bill Kaulitz, 19 (vocals), Bill's twin brother Tom Kaulitz, 19 (guitar), Gustav Schäfer, 20, (drums) and Georg Listing, 21 (bass).
"We think our music speaks for itself," says Bill. "Of course, we want to succeed, we want to prove it to ourselves, and to be honest, to everyone else."

                                      Current Episode
                              "Liverpool here we come"
"Thanks for watching Tokio Hotel TV over the past year.
TH TV will be back soon.
In the mean time we'll continue to post new videos.
So make sure to check back regularily.
Thanks for all the Love und Support!
You Guys Rock!"

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Ashley17021 posted over 6 years ago

Me like TH TV whooooooo hoooooooo :)

Mana-sama posted over 6 years ago

yay!!! TH TV is totally awesome.

i like the episode when bill went shopping xD

zzxz posted over 6 years ago

Ja, ja.  Das war sehr gute! 

     Er ist sooo cute! Laughing

Pudfker posted over 6 years ago
Wow this is a great idea, posting the most current episode here every week. Smile What a great way to keep up with the show. Cool
hot girl
hot girl posted over 6 years ago
TokioFreak90 posted over 6 years ago
OMG, it's the best thing I'm missing as I type this. lol I got to go... SealedLaughingCool
BillKaulitzTokioHotelFreak posted over 6 years ago

HA! I luv when Bill has his private party and is singing with his fan ha! And his plane Jumbie! He's so cute

zXoxBTGGxoXz posted over 6 years ago

This is so cool. you know FrownI miss that now , can't wait till they come back again. I understand that they need some relaxation time. They deserve it after all what they achieved so far.

TH TV episodes are the main line connection between us fans and them. It is a brilliant idea. They gained too many hearts from that. Being able to be with them every week & live the TH moments through those episodes waiting for it from wend, to wends. was so amazing and fun too.

hehe I got confused once, remember when I asked you about why were they late on airing one of their episodes oneday and I told you that I was going to comment on their page on YT to ask them about that then right that moment when you told me that its tuesday not wends.Tongue out now how about that!!!..hehe that is how much I was waiting for it and wanted it to be

zzxz posted over 6 years ago

Laughing  LOL  Laughing

     Ja, I remember.  Just a little over anxious is all.  Completely understandable. Wink

{TokioHotel} posted over 6 years ago
i love toiko hotel!!Tongue out
jafin posted over 6 years ago

yay !!!! go TH tv !!!! lolol itsreallly fun watching the boyssss but soemtimes i feeel maybe its irrittating having camera everywwhere they go !!!

buttt its fun !!! <3 yay !!