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Through the Dragon's Eye

Created by lackadaisy. Last Edited by lackadaisy. Tagged as: TV
Through the Dragon's Eye

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North or South, East or West, the quest to save the life of Pelamar goes far. Look bravely through the dragon’s eye and fly…


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Aimee posted over 8 years ago

haha wow, i remember that

ames posted over 8 years ago

love it! classic old school!

jennylvsshoes posted over 7 years ago

this was the best thing ever in school i still sing the theme tune now

north or south east or west the quest to save the land of pellemar look safely through the dragons eye and flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

neophyte420 posted over 7 years ago

Everyone thinks im nuts for asking about this program…i watched it years ago. i love it does anyone know where i can download the whole thing?? Through the dragon's eye was a great effin program lol

lissy22 posted over 6 years ago

i loved this at school but where do i get a copy x does anyone have any idea x

Sam56465 posted over 6 years ago

if anyone wants a dvd copy of all the episodes please email me.  im selling them on ebay but can sell outside.  fully guarenteed