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The Strokes

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The Strokes
The Strokes The Strokes The Strokes The Strokes

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deathbypingu posted over 8 years ago

this isn’t even real music. i can appreciate any type of music, but the strokes make incredibly lazy and simplistic cookie-cutter.. stuff. it’s almost like they took five totally random guys who just happened to own their own instruments and made a band out of it.

but they are really catchy, you gotta give them that. i don’t dislike them, but really, it’s like they don’t put any thought into it.

Ezanee posted over 8 years ago


deathbypingu posted over 8 years ago

i’m only here to help :)

Ezanee posted over 8 years ago

I mean yeah, just cos I’m a fan doesn’t mean I have to like all their songs.. but you should check out some of their live performances, from SNL or Conan, Letterman. They’re really good performers, and I think their best is yet to come, even though a lot of people think they dropped the ball after their first album. If anything, they inspired a lot of imitation bands who made their sound generic.

iamjules posted over 8 years ago

The criticisms all are the same, and they’re basically sensationalized. Nothing is simple about the music they do. And all the hate for this ‘simplicity’. Tell that to Ramones, The Clash, Nirvana, etc.

gwenivere22 posted over 7 years ago

do you even listen to lyrics or understand the meanings of any of their songs. Have you ever listened to Ize of the World! It is filled with meaning, and is far from simple. They don't want to be like every other fake band, who just want to get famous. You can tell they care about the music through the lyrics. It blows my mind how meaningful songs are, so i think they put a lot of thought into their songs. They truly are the best!

xxlovesuxx posted over 7 years ago


blackrose311 posted over 7 years ago

love fabrizio !

nrtql8 posted over 6 years ago

They're not random guys either. Nikolai Fraiture and Julian Casablancas have known each other since kindergarten and then became friends with Albert Hammond Jr. in boarding school. Fabrizio Moretti and Nick Valensi came into the picture in Dwight School, Manhattan. The simplistic thing, mm, I don't get that either. Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond, Nikolai Fraiture, Fab Moretti and Julian Casablancas? simplistic? The Velvet Undergrounds were simple, the Ramones, the Beatles... If you read the RollingStone article about them, you'll see how they're not cookie cutter. I don't get the not thinking about it either, but if what you mean by that is that the music flows out of them naturally and they don't have to try so hard, then yeah, they don't think about it.

But I get what you mean. I mean, a lot of people seem to like (love) My Chemical Romance but I hate them, abhor what they stand for, find them shallow. But people become fans and I get why they do, it's just not my taste in music, not my lifestyle.

gllimasoares posted over 5 years ago

Strokes are the best!

alinoorwayy posted over 4 years ago

oh yeaa lov' the strokes !

Their songs habe changed so many things in my life

Thk u guys