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The Salmon Dance

Created by rodrigoyue. Last Edited by rodrigoyue. Tagged as: Music
The Salmon Dance
The Salmon Dance The Salmon Dance

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"The Salmon Dance" is a Hip-hop song by the English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers and is the 7th track on their 2007 studio album We Are the Night. It features Fatlip, a Los Angeles-born hip hop musician, and was released as the second single on the 10th of September 2007.

The video, directed by Dom & Nic, features a boy hallucinating while looking at his fish tank, home to Fatlip the piranha, Sammy the salmon, Puffa the beatboxing porcupinefish, a lionfish, seahorses, butterflyfish, angelfish, and tans..




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Star Alchemist
Star Alchemist posted over 7 years ago

Damn funny xD!

Poor yellow fish ate by the mad cat T_T

Neko_Elena posted over 7 years ago

crazy funny video; love the pufferfish. <33 Woot. Haha;