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The "Rachel Shag"

Created by ergomag. Last Edited by ergomag. Tagged as: Fashion
The "Rachel Shag"
The "Rachel Shag" The "Rachel Shag"

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Popularized by Jennifer Anniston’s character, Rachel, on Friends.


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ergomag posted over 8 years ago

This is by far my mostest favoritest hairstyle of all time. What would make Erica Campbell perfect? THE RACHEL SHAG !!!

Diva posted over 8 years ago

I’ve become quite the Anniston fan. I like her down to earth style and personality. I love long hair, but as a ‘style’ this just does it for me. Cute, easy to manage and doesn’t look like she spent hours on it (even if she did). ;)

ergomag posted over 8 years ago

I heard that it was actually difficult to pull off, took a long time to do, and she quit doing it because it was hard on her hair. Imagine that! Let me at it with a can of AquaNet SuperMega and I’d have her looking like that in like three minutes!

Of course then it wouldn’t be any fun to play with :( But I really just wanted to look anyways!

LisaMc posted over 8 years ago


moxination posted over 8 years ago

ooh a style named after me!

Kai posted over 7 years ago

... What’s so good about that hairstyle? Doesn’t look anymore cool or nice or whatever than any other hairstyle. 0.o

AJMcFly posted over 7 years ago

IMHO, it’s quite sexy.