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The Network

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The Network
The Network The Network The Network The Network The Network The Network The Network The Network

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The Network is a six-piece New Wave band. They released their debut album Money Money 2020 on Adeline Records on September 30, 2003. A re-release of the album, with two bonus tracks, followed in 2004. Members of The Network include Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and Jason White, all of whom are most famous for their work as the band Green Day.

Armstrong denies the involvement of any Green Day members in The Network. Although the style of music is different (New Wave as opposed to Green Day's pop-punk style), but Warner/Chapell Music cites the three Green Day members as having writing credits for The Network's album Money Money 2020.

"I just wanted to talk about the rumors and the bullshit that has been going on lately. All I gotta say is fuck The Network. These guys are totally spreading rumors. I try to do those guys a favor by bringing them to this country and putting out their record and this is how I get repaid, by talking shit about my band. Unfortunately there is a contract and I have to put out their record. The only thing I can say is fuck you, Network. Bring it on." ~ Billie Joe Armstrong

stage names:

  • Fink  - Billie Joe Armstrong
  • The Snoo - Tré Cool
  • Van Gough - Mike Dirnt
  • Captain Underpants - Reto Peter
  • Z - Chris Dugan
  • Balducci - Jason White



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