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The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn, Is Just to love, and Be Loved in Return

Created by Soma. Last Edited by Soma. Tagged as: Quotes
The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn, Is Just to love, and Be Loved in Return

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Can some hot guy please sing this phrase to me!? This is Moulin Rouge by the way.


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Silvana posted over 8 years ago

Yeah Soma’s!!I agree with you!!!why there aren’t hot guys who sings this song to some hottttttttt girls like me and you!!!!:-( we looking for you boys!!!!

Yazberry posted over 8 years ago

If you find these boys, could you please direct one towards me? That is, if there is enough to go around… thanks!

redflux posted over 8 years ago

I think Eden Ahbez, one of the strangest songwriters of the pre-Hippie era should get the credit for this … as it comes from his song “Nature Boy” written in 1947 (and first perfromed by Nat King Cole.

Eden wanted to change the lyrics to “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love, just to love, and be loved.” since to be loved in return is too much of a deal and has nothing to do with love.

Yazberry posted over 8 years ago

didnt david bowie sing this at one stage?

mary_sc posted over 8 years ago

Yes, it would be nice… when i find one, i tell ya! Anyway, it’s the best phrase, and it is true!

Tye posted over 8 years ago

I sing this to the love of my life at the top of my lungs!!! She loves it.

Best love struck movie.

Nuny posted over 8 years ago


Mantha posted over 8 years ago

i LOVE this movie!!!

Biker #11 Boy #69
Biker #11 Boy #69 posted over 7 years ago

I cant judge myself in the way i look, but ill sing this to any girl with passion haha i love this song so much. i swear it makes my eyes water everytime i hear it.

noukie posted over 7 years ago

this movie is so sad!! i loved this quote!! =]

sipreon posted over 7 years ago

hmm... that's the song i just love it in Moulin Rouge... and Ewan McGregor... -> the boy has talent... I like him... nothing funny... I just like talents =D


her's a little song HE wrote... i LIKE to sing it note by note... (that's true ) 

theo_newc posted over 7 years ago

just heard a bit of the song ( in the new amsterdam series)  with these lyrics "the greatest thing you 'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"...great lyrics...googled it and found myself here.

Still to listen the whole thing...for those who like nice songs check one of my favourites in youtube... 

 it always make me smile ...especially when i am feeling for the girls looking for hot guys :-) to sing the song to them.....i am sorry to say that this may (hope not) never happen. I am 31 and i can say that either i haven't met the one... or perhaps...just passed by me without realising :-(

Bored of one night stands... but at least i get soem excitemnet out of them.

Good luck to the rest out there. 

poechan5 posted over 7 years ago

This is so true...I just wish I could learn to love someone. I just don't think i can

well maybe someday.

geneveive posted over 7 years ago


i agree..


thats the best thing.. 

ThatOneGuy123 posted over 6 years ago

ive come to figure that singing at the top of ur lungs to sum1…. can be a bit of a turn off….girls just cant deal with romanticism like that with out feeling weirded out. Be my guest to try it. but dont be too hopeful.


hellokittyyy posted over 5 years ago

i wish i could learn how to love

Teddy Bear Joe
Teddy Bear Joe posted over 5 years ago

I believe the greatest thing is to love and get nothing back. I do this and it hurts but somehow I know if I work hard enough I will get it right and I will be able to love without pain.

I love people far more than I should because I am needy but I'm not stupid either. When some one says they love me I think they really mean it but alas they usually don't.

Hey Sweethearts out there I am a man who loves with all his heart and mind before I love with my body.


reishee posted over 5 years ago

sinong pinoy jan?



zoe:) posted over 4 years ago

my fav movie!i have already seen it 5 times and i keep crying  with the ending!

carlosmikey posted over 4 years ago

This movie is the motherfucker best ever u get me

chiefsittingpretty posted over 3 years ago

Nat “King” Cole’s rendition of this song (Nature Boy) is great. I don’t remember the movie, though.