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Terry's Chocolate Orange

Created by teufel. Last Edited by teufel. Tagged as: Food
Terry's Chocolate Orange
Terry's Chocolate Orange Terry's Chocolate Orange Terry's Chocolate Orange Terry's Chocolate Orange

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a unique shaped ball made with real orange oil. Just tap and unwrap to reveal 20 delicious orange segments.


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berzerker posted over 8 years ago

oh… dear god! how can anybody like these????

i think it’s the only chocolate on the planet that i won’t eat.

-bailey- posted over 7 years ago

Forget tapping. In the States, the instructional sticker tells you to “whack and unwrap”, which I believe are some of the best instructions I’ve ever been given for anything. As if being a segmented, orange-flavored ball of chocolate wasn’t brilliant enough, we also get a goofy, violent preparation ritual to round out the experience. If that doesn’t deserve ‘besting’, I don’t know what does.

MHC Barbie Doll
MHC Barbie Doll posted over 6 years ago

I love Terry's Chocolate Orange & all the other flavors they invented but why can't I find it in a grocery store anymore? Cashiers look at me as if they have no clue what I'm talking about! Somebody respond & let me know where I can find it, please!

ClearRainbow posted over 6 years ago

Hey MHC Barbie Doll the reason cashiers look at you like that is because they stopped selling the chocolate orange in the states. You can still buy it online, but since it comes from England the shipping fee is VERY high. I buy them once a year at Christmas.

If you google it you will find a few websites that will ship them to the states. You can also sign up at amazon to be alerted by email if they ever get them available. It cost 49 "british pounds" this year for 7 of them including shipping. That's about 76 bucks..... which is why I only get them once a year.

justG. posted over 4 years ago

@ClearRainbow: Hopefully this message reaches you before your annual purchase. They’re on Amazon, now, with free prime shipping.