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Taurus Taurus Taurus

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TAURUS  The Bull

April 21 – May21





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mahblouse posted over 8 years ago

Yay May (and late April)

lackadaisy posted over 8 years ago

I am late April.


ammadz posted over 7 years ago

Absolutely the best.. Enjoying my life!!! Glad to be a Bull..

lu998 posted over 7 years ago

Im a taurus :) And also my boyfriend, my best friend, my other best friend, mm.. wait. Im starting to see a patorn.. Hey! I like taurusses or taurus, whaterver. xD Im so weird

MissStyk posted over 7 years ago

27th April =]

Its strange, all my friends are eaither earth signs or Saggitarians (sorry probly spelt that wrong)

Very strange =S

joozie posted over 7 years ago

im a taurus 22nd of april

but thats wierd cause im the only onein my family  whos a taurus !!!!

bestbestworstworst posted over 7 years ago

im a gemini

i like tauruses NOT the best though

you guys get me bored 

Viscandorra posted over 7 years ago

I'm Virgo, Taurus risign and I'm proud

saltopus posted over 7 years ago

any type of bull kicks ass (maybe literally)

Viscandorra posted over 6 years ago
I hate the guy who have written "not as good as aquarius" for my risign sign and my moon sign Taurus and for Virgo my sun sign...grrrr Yell so I have deleted theses words
shannon511 posted over 6 years ago

i’ve heard that red is the color of aries. and that blues and pastels are the colors of taurus.

Soberguy posted over 6 years ago
I'm TAURUS. 11th May. I'm not very talkative but a good listener and a very loyal friend. Don't have many friends.
nisma posted over 5 years ago

Born in May 10th!

I like to eat.

Static_Mike posted over 5 years ago

What is the best sign for a taurus?   I just was in a relationship with a Leo for 5 years and well it was…up and down. =P

montii posted over 5 years ago

I’M IN MAY yay it rockz

janeeta posted over 5 years ago

We r the most loyal people ever!

M. posted over 5 years ago

I'm a Taurus. I was close to being an Aries, and I inherited some of their traits too...

 Taurus is the best star sign, yeah!

We have the best personality traits and mascot. :D

zavan posted over 4 years ago

I'm a Taurus...--..9th.May...I.....LLL00VVV.....IT...---..-.-.-.T..0...0.....0..-..-.-...-..-.-.Much..-.-

-...-.-..-.((((Everything |s Matched.....With Me.))))..--...--...-.Really..--..-..

**Niki posted over 4 years ago

Taurus fits me well... Stubborn heheh... ^^ May 13th... I think that's pretty.

Uhm with relationships? So far the most serious one I've had was with a Leo... I've had 2 Leos, 1 Virgo. The Virgo one wasn't good haha. .__. But I think Leo is good, it has its problems but we work it out. ♥

johnny neo
johnny neo posted over 4 years ago

Im a taurus been in a relationship with a leo for 7 years had kids and then things were hay wire. My daughter is 8 and other daughter 7 and me son is 5. I have a new girlfriend now that I see, two nights a week as a see me kids other nights when am not working night shifts. I’ve been with this young lady for 1 year and she is a gemini and she has 1 child that is 8. Im hoping it works out for me and her. I don’t like being a taurus as me feeling gets in the way of my work, once am not happy a can’t seem to concentrate on the task am doing instead am thinking of the problem that is bugging me. Any help is appretiated in the nightmare am having.

dlbxd posted over 4 years ago

“I’m TAURUS. 11th May. I’m not very talkative but a good listener and a very loyal friend. Don’t have many friends.”

Thats EXACTLY me! and Im also dating a Leo!!

Horoscopes are so on the spot :D

apumpkin posted over 3 years ago

May 3rd   .   love my life . in my next life will be a TAURUS also, took a lot of B.S. from my husband of 11 years (he is cancer) all men that I dated or had a thing are Cancers, All my female friends Cancers or Gemenines,can't stand Pices-men. My husband is an X now , and I'm daiting Cancer now LOL