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Taguchi Junnosuke

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Taguchi Junnosuke
Taguchi Junnosuke Taguchi Junnosuke Taguchi Junnosuke Taguchi Junnosuke Taguchi Junnosuke

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Name: Junnosuke Taguchi

Nickname: Junno, Guchii, Jun, Taguchi-kun

Birthdate: November 29, 1985

Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan

Blood type: AB

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 182cm

Weight: 64 kg

Family: Parents, three older sisters, one brother

Favorite color: Green, pink

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite sempai: Smap


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AnneClaire posted over 7 years ago

to tell the truth he's really good looking ,very loveable person!!

~Ermawati~ posted over 7 years ago

He is so hansome and cute. I'm his biggest fan from Indonesia. I hope, someday we'll meet somewhere^^

hitomi_junnosuke18 posted over 7 years ago
Kawaii!!!!!!!!!Junnosuke-kun is the best!!!LaughingKyaaaaaa!!!!
Kynn posted over 7 years ago

my fav member from Kattun… he’s cute ayte… =D

phantom22 posted over 7 years ago

he's the hottest member of kat tun and simply adorable..Smile

and i love his smile~ 

shyane posted over 6 years ago

he has the best smile i've ever seen! i also hope i can meet u smeday even tho i live in malaysia, i will always be ure fan!

maikenap posted over 6 years ago

Winktaguchi is really cool...

if you are going to watch him closely, he is good at dancing, singing and acting as well...

he is really good looking too....

 and very hot!!! Kiss

akiofautumn posted over 6 years ago

hes so positive <3

chibi_neko04 posted over 6 years ago

ii wuv his hyperness...~~!!!Tongue out

[[he kinda looks like changmin in sum way tho']]

CiehaHeartJunno posted over 6 years ago


He is my fav member of kattun. he's the adorable person i ever seen. He's cute when he's smile..Like it.EmbarassedJunno-Kun is soo kawai..hope to meet him someday.

KOUJISETOMYLOVEFOREVER posted over 5 years ago








Sun Shine
Sun Shine posted over 5 years ago

When I first saw Taguchi in  ,, One drop "  I thought what a beautiful  guy... I like him <3 :D

And when I saw other clips (White X'mas) I like him even more.. :)**  becouse he is fun, cute and nice.. I love his smile and eyes.. Junno is like an angel :))*

Taguchi is so sweet, he is a diamond in my heart <3

If he just look at my... I will feel happiest girl in world :) <3

But that don't happen.. I know :(
However he is on my mind... Taguchi Junnosuke is my prince <3
(:Sorry for the errors:)
ZaraJyne posted over 5 years ago

@ 1st I thought I luved Junno's band m8, Akanishi Jin, but then this guy stole my heart. He's just....Kyaa~!

nayumi posted over 5 years ago

 the first time i sow you singing the son one drop i fell in love and i will like to met you someday your my favorite sin ger and actor

Jinchengfan posted over 5 years ago
He has to be SUPER CUTE to take my attention from Kame and Jin....but he did it!  The more I see of him, the more I like him.  That smile knocks me over everytime I see it...kawaii sūpā
ryoda posted over 4 years ago

he is so cute and has the best smile

but i think he looks like max from dbsk just a little

NanaShana posted over 4 years ago

junnosuke is so cute