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Swimming Naked

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Swimming Naked
Swimming Naked Swimming Naked Swimming Naked Swimming Naked Swimming Naked

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jerrytime posted over 7 years ago

check out for an animated tale about naked swimming in school.

AnthonyS posted over 7 years ago

its total freedom!

Sweet Pip
Sweet Pip posted over 6 years ago

Better in the dark

chaamwhiz posted over 6 years ago

You can't beat it, no matter what anyone says. The feeling of no clothing is marvellous, and no washing to do when you come from the beach – oh! great. All I need is someone to join me.

mystuff posted over 4 years ago

naked is best

Engelherz posted over 3 years ago

I wish I could do it. But here in Costa Rica public nudity is forbidden :(

I did it secretly when I was a child, now I wish I could do it again. Maybe in a river where nobody is present or something like that.

Anyway, naked is our natural status and is the best way to be :D