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Sunny [SNSD]

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Sunny [SNSD]
Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD] Sunny [SNSD]

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Lee Soonkyu

Stage Name: Sunny (써니) Birth Name: Lee Soon Kyu (이순규) Group Position: Supporting Vocalist Nickname: DJ Soon, Sunny Bunny, Aegyo Queen, Gag-dol, Strong Sunny, Chicken-Catcher Soonkyu Motto: Everyday Sunny Day Blood Type: B Languages: Korean (Fluent) , English (Basic) , Chinese (Basic) , Japanese (Basic) DOB: May 15, 1989 (Born in the United States, later moved to Kuwait. Eventually moved to South Korea as a result of the Gulf War. Because of wartime bombings, she is terrified of loud, cracking noises such as fireworks) Height: 155cm Weight: 43kg Hobbies: Swimming, video Games, sports, Cuteness that Calls for a Punch Interests: Music, fashion, reading magazines, dancing, singing & shopping. comedic acting School: Baehwa All-Girls High School Siblings: 2 older sisters, Lee Eun-kyu & Lee Jin-kyu Casted: 2007 SM Casting System. Prior to her audition to SM Entertainment, Soonkyu trained in Wheesung‘s company; Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt. Soonkyu was recruited by a recommendation from SM-Towner Lee Ayumi. In 1998, she joined as a trainee for Star World and trained there for 5 years. She was going to debut in a 2 member group. Fancafe: Daisy

Extra Information:

Favorite Number: 1, 2 Ideal Man: Jo In Sung International Ideal Man: Takeshi Kaneshiro Favorite SNSD song: Honey Roommate: TaeYeon

Fun Facts:

Sunny was the last addition to Girls’ Generation Sunny and her two older sisters, Lee Eun-kyu & Lee Jin-kyu, all have the same birth date. May 15th. The odds of this event occurring is 1 in 133225. (Ridiculous, eh?) ;D Her father was once the manager of the disbanded K-pop girl group Sugar. Her older sister is Ayumi’s (Sugar’s lead singer) manager. Sunny is a professional gamer fo sho. She cracked 999 lines on continuous mode Tetris on her Nintendo DS. (If you haven’t tried it, go do so. It’s insanely hard) SNSD reveals she showers the fastest. If you’re looking for a girl that won’t hog the shower, look no further! Sunny’s incredibly flexible. She can do the limbo at 75 cms. With heels on. She has a mole in her tummy She has a unique way of blinking, first the left eye then the right eye When angered, she sticks her tongue in the side of her cheek Sunny appeared in Super Junior-H’s music video for “Cooking? Cooking!” She also co-hosted a music show called “The M” with SS501’s Kim Hyung-jun and 2AM’s Seulong but had to say goodbye to the show due to her busy schedules. Her last appearance as an MC for the show was on April 4, 2010.

Solo Songs:

Story of Wine OST – 이제서야 (Finally Now) Heading to the Ground OST (Duet with TaeYeon) – 사랑인걸요 (It’s Love) Oh! My Lady OST – 그대 인형 (My Doll) Working Mom OST – You Don’t Know About Love

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I Love Sunny
I Love Sunny posted over 5 years ago

sunny is so freaking cutie,, shes the cutest thing ever,, nothing compares,, shes the best,, i love her

aishiteruchiikun posted over 5 years ago
suuny is very cute I saw lots of their radio station with sungmin from super junior they look soooooooooooooooooooo cute togetherLaughingTongue out
bananion posted over 5 years ago

she's so cute ;o; cutie cutie

sunny0830 posted over 5 years ago

she’s really cute

Bacon99 posted over 5 years ago

ageyo queen!!!!!!!

sthiezzy posted over 5 years ago

sunny oh sunny

she is the best,,, the most beautiful girl I ever seen

PheonixKuriboh posted over 5 years ago
Sunny Bunny Ageyo!!!!!!!!!!! Yell
alben posted over 4 years ago

Sunny…if i were to marry someone, i wish she would be somewhat closest to ur face or resembles something that u have…but i guess no one in this world has the cuteness, awesomeness, beauty, elegance, glamour and appeal that u possess….. then i will not marry any more….wahhahah

Ramie012 posted over 4 years ago

Sunny is the most adorable member of SNSD. She's the cutest and funniest one. I WANNA HUG HER!!!

JessicaJung LOVER
JessicaJung LOVER posted over 4 years ago
Sunny is Cute and lovely....
tayahsara posted over 4 years ago

shes so cute >.<

wondergenius posted over 4 years ago

sunny u r sooo cute!

ShkittlesAndRice posted over 4 years ago

I love Sunny~! (: <3

♥Sunny♥ posted over 4 years ago



FOREVER N EVER SNSD LOVER , im so crazy of you sunny ♥

catherine_sunny posted over 4 years ago

sunny sunny ilove u so very much you are the queen of aegyo

tyrone091 posted over 4 years ago

wew sunny is so hot and my famale artis haha!! i hope i can see hear somday!!

6rounds posted over 3 years ago

I cant stand went she smilling… luv u much much much… lol

DanaeeWii posted over 3 years ago

Sunny is the queen of the Aegyo in Snds, but no the best singer. I think it would have been better put to Jessica instead of Sunny… well is my opinion :)