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Suicide Club

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Suicide Club

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fanny posted over 7 years ago

could not read all this and find it offence material as young kids have access to it

killmequickly posted over 7 years ago

Shut up, grandma. I like it…

ZanzibarTRG posted over 6 years ago

I agree. This movie is twisted brilliance! And Granny, kids only have access to it if you are a bad parent and can't properly let them understand what is right and wrong for them. It's basic math.

Yo-Tan posted over 5 years ago
Was watching this thinking hey like the manga right? WRONG! Dead. Wrong.

Was watching it on YouTube with bff and we were up to prt 7 (we were soo pissed tht our accounts wernt of age so we made one were 96yrsold xP) and that is the weirdest and oddest and rather cruel bit ever? -nods to self- Yeah!

Really good though!!!

483 posted over 5 years ago was damn freaky in the part when that mother was cutting vegetables in front of her young child in the kitchen...and then she starts slicing off her fingers in the process...and the blood splattered everywhere...O_o