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Stairway to heaven Drama Series

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Stairway to heaven Drama Series

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A beautiful and timeless Korean drama series about two people in love.

Jing Shu and Cheng Jun were best friends since they were little kids. Cheng Jun's dad dies in a car accident and Jing Shu's mom dies from a disease and that made them care about each other even more. When Jing Shu's dad decides to get married, she brings two kids, Tai Hua and You Li. You Li is very jealous of her and wants to take her spot in everyone's heart, mostly Cheng Jun's. Tai Hua is secretly falling in love with her. As all of them grows up, there will be hard challenges for Jing Shu to go through. Jing Shu is about to face a very hard journey through her life.


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Hanna-me posted over 7 years ago

this is the 1st drama i have seen and it is the best!

aznadvil posted over 7 years ago

i didn't know i had so many tears to shed…

dogluverz1 posted over 7 years ago

i watched it in 3rd grade and i even cried! it is soooo sad but good.

Stine posted over 7 years ago

Sadest drama ever<3
I just bought the series at Amazon.

I've seen alot of dramas before, but Stairway to Heaven's truly the best.



yankumi08 posted over 6 years ago

grabe, super d best is ds korean drama,. makes u inlove, cry ,hate, evrything.. so nice.

nurulee posted over 6 years ago

dis drama made me cry a lot!!!

luv it!!

congrats kwon!!!go0d acting

luv ya so so much

annie206 posted over 6 years ago

i want to see this so bad, crazy love story, and harvard love story… basically all of them. or at least the sad sappy ones.

blitzchamp posted over 6 years ago

My all-time favorite!

The dark Corner
The dark Corner posted over 6 years ago

OMG this is like the saddest Korean drama i've watch. It was so touching.

SacredEmblem posted over 5 years ago

Stairway to Heaven and Endless love: Autumn Leaves are two of the best korean series I've seen so far. Most of the scenes were unforgettable and touching that will surely captures everyone's heart.I hope Kwon Sang Woo and Song Hye Kyo could do a drama series together....

Kwinbee posted over 5 years ago

it is really touched my heart..and been watching it over and over again…

rosalinda posted over 5 years ago
...i love this novel!!!
d_er-01 posted over 5 years ago

i believe it was the first korean drama I've ever watched…. it was back then when I first saw it…

wul tiwul
wul tiwul posted over 4 years ago

love this drama…

mx5gal posted over 4 years ago

I love this show...and kind of addicted to!!