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Wearing shoes or boots with no socks, just barefeet inside.


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Cityclass posted over 7 years ago

Wearing shoes without socks is the best!!!

nano posted over 7 years ago

My feet get all glued to the shoes. I find it quite disgusting. =x

MastaKink posted over 7 years ago

No time for this now…

sue_00 posted over 7 years ago

I go sockless all the time. In anykind of shoes or boots. Even in winter. I don't even have a pair of socks.

batibeki posted over 7 years ago

It's very exiting whenı wearing shoes with no sockks  ı feel myself free more then a bird and ı fly over the clouds

hottie at 10
hottie at 10 posted over 7 years ago

i always wear high heals so i cant wear socks but i wear them when i am cold

OrallyFixated75 posted over 7 years ago

It truely is one of life's little pleasures.

jacko85 posted over 6 years ago

Wihout socks? All the time!!!! It's the best and very exiting!!!!

ShannonMorris posted over 6 years ago

I REFUSE to wear socks , esp. with sneakers!  I don't care what the weather is, I never wear  socks.  In fact, I don't even own any socks!  It's a sexy look and it feels GREAT!  I also HATE those little "no show" socks!  UGH!  Sockless is the ONLY way to go!

Norianna posted over 6 years ago

I hate socks!  My feet feel trapped by them!  I understand how some people can sleep in them.  Not comfy for bed at all!

Sockless_boy posted over 6 years ago

wearing sneakers sockless is the best. i like it. i go sockless in my sneakers all the time even in winter and in the snow. sockless people e mail me to

SeaGoldmine posted over 6 years ago

I wear all of my shoes without socks all the time.  I don't like the feel of tight socks.  I also like the feel of the shoes.  Each one as a different feel.

gdashred` posted over 6 years ago

I never liked wearing socks, it just feels better. I only wear socks with dress shoes when I have to dress formal, but otherwise, I never wear socks, I just rub my feet with lotion to keep the bad smell away.

AkumaYoomi posted over 6 years ago


chris321! posted over 5 years ago

i hate socks i dont even own 1 pair i usually wear sneakers too but they dont get stinky so socks dont have a purpose for me

Paulyw1 posted over 5 years ago

I hated wearing socks since I was a kid; therefore, I find it more comfortable not to wear socks at all.