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Sleeping Pills

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Sleeping Pills

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Nasef posted over 8 years ago

Okay …. weird .. xD

ariabellissima posted over 7 years ago

u poor souls… dont even try to entertain that stupid sheeyt! it ain’t funny. slap som sense into urselvz! gudnes.

Saddam posted over 7 years ago

Suicide is easy and i can take or leave it as i please

black lolita chan
black lolita chan posted over 7 years ago

I'd die wihtout them…or i can die with! Ali-chan is confuzzled 0___o

naanu posted over 7 years ago

why taking a pill wen u can die much easily


jojoxxxjojo posted over 6 years ago

sleeping pills do not kill you
i have tried it
believe it or not but it onli makes u sleep 4 a very long time and messes with your liver
so dont.
Jo xXx

jinxypoo posted over 6 years ago

Most people who try this just end up waking up in a pile of barf. Don't bother.

MkRPrrn posted over 6 years ago

NOPE! Sleeping pills won't work. Your body naturally vomits the crap out after you pass out. So you will mostlikely wake up in a puddle of your own puke. How do I know? Because I tried it! I took two entire boxes of extra strength sleeping pills with alcohol. (whisky to be precise) I slept for three days. I kidd you not....three freakin days! Anyways, I woke up in a puddle of my own puke. It was freakin nasty. I got a new bed and new sheets and everything. PLUS I was mad as heck for no succeding. :(  ....well on to my next plan.

 Oh and why do I answer? Because I searched like crazy on this topic and everyone say the same crap.... "Oh it's not worth it.....Don't try it......suicide is not the answer....well to hell with you all. You're not in OUR shoes so until you are STOP trying to pretend like you know us! You people have no freakin idea what it's like. And to those who say; "I've been there, I know what you're going thru."  Well you DON'T so shut your mouth. Just because you "saw the light" doesn't mean we all want to hear your stupid story. Sure most probably don't really want to kill themselves so go ahead and listen to the story. Myself....well I am fed up and don't really care to hear a damn story.

mylo posted over 5 years ago

so wat is the best method in your opinion?

S8N_666 posted over 5 years ago

Suicide is a way of Telling your god, YOU CANT FIRE ME, I QUIT!!

mirky posted over 5 years ago
suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.
sabeenraza posted over 4 years ago

please tell me a way to sucude wich would look accidental death

Davern posted over 4 years ago

I plan to kill my self tonight by a bullet in the mouth. I feel like there is nothing to live for and no one cares.  My friends and family hate me.   I just have one last request… I want the song "your never over"  by E played at my funeral.

axaxax posted over 4 years ago

so tell me. what should i do to make it quick and painless?? i really need to die now. i am sick of this fucking life and i really mean it. please tell me, what should i do to make it quick and painless??

axaxax posted over 4 years ago

hey all,

I tried to kill myself last week!! i took my sleeping pills and guess what?? it doenst work at all. and i am still here alive and able to write this comment. i've been having a problem in my life, problem with family, with my study, with my boyfriend, and i have no friend at all. last week was the final, i could not take it anymore and decided to just end it.

fortunately i am still here and it (the sleeping pills that i took) does not affect my body. i spend 2 days in emergency room and 5 days in mental hospital. while i was there, i learnt lots of things. i learnt that life is not that bad and i am way better than those people (in the wards).

so please, if you guys have a problem or if you are depressed please look for a help.

hope this could help.

daydd posted over 4 years ago

how many sleeping pills shoud i take? i wanna do this as a rebel to my bf and i love each other so much..he is my soulmate and truelove.. my parents cant understand that.. he is far away from me, he wanna marry me and bring me to his place.. my mom wont allow it.. if we dont get married soon.. my bfs parents will arrange for his marriage to the girl of their choice,, he said he will kill himself if he cannot marry me :(.. i know u peole will never understand how we feel... i dont wanna leave without him.. id rather die than leave without him..he s d reason why i exist..


mayabogado posted over 4 years ago

Can anyone knows which sleeping pills can I buy to kill my self fastly and easily. I want to die now… Please!

brokenheartedboyxxx posted over 4 years ago

tonight i’ll be drinking sleeping pills there’s no more reason for me to be here. my girlfriend has no heart, no feelings, she is not thankful and grateful to all what i’ve done for her and to her family. i’ve done so many efforts for her and to her family and friends. f*ck her i hope the sleeping pills will work… i have no one to talk or to share my emotions on whats on my mind.. it feels like its going to burst out on me like hell in my chest…

please i need someone to talk to or to hear me out…

skylaa posted over 3 years ago

well thats just truly shit all over my plans, i wanna go to sleep painlessly and not to wake up. i dont think i could face my family if that happened but i also carnt face been alive. im hating life atm, my parents are still on lockdown with me, am f**ing sick of it. will someone please give me some advice on how to deal with this my lifes a mess, and i dont wanna feel like this anymore please help me end this pain :(

rumana posted over 2 years ago

i m middle class girl.. i studied in bba.. i always make best result in my versity… but my parents have some problem with me as they think i spend money so much…. at that time i fall in love with someone… but he isnt graduate at yet… my parents are agry with my love but they want to get marry mee as soon as possible.. but i love my carier….in that reason i would like to die

Burn Down Hot Topic
Burn Down Hot Topic posted over 2 years ago

Anyone on this thread still alive? Personally, I tried to overdose on penis enlargement pills yet to my dismay it didn’t work. Luckily, I now have a reason to live…

kashifsaifi posted over 2 years ago

how many donormyl 25mg pills can kill a person ??

kashifsaifi posted over 2 years ago

everyone should read this i mean those who gonna go with sleeping pills…

dick head n1
dick head n1 posted over 2 years ago

you are such fucking dicks to even think about it! You attention seeking fat(prob usa) fucks! d,o it go on do it! Send damien my love xxxx

broken heart100
broken heart100 posted over 2 years ago

i need sleeping pills?where do i get them?

broken heart100
broken heart100 posted over 2 years ago

doronyml25g wont work out.i tried once i took 5 sheets..i m alive.i slept for 4 days

indian man
indian man posted over 2 years ago

i read all comments. my problem is also same. if any body kill himself / herself then take sleeping pills and cut his/her hand also.take atlest 40 pills. and cut your hand.i promiss u win or u kill your also doing but my death date will not will come on 13 jan 2013 or 31 dec 2012.

thanks to all of u. and best of luck.

SadToasterofGlass posted over 2 years ago

Can you take enough of these to knock yourself out and drown yourself I wonder? It'd be a less painful suicide I know that.

jacksmum posted over 2 years ago

Please help me out there. My beautiful son at 18 years of age has killed himself just one month ago today. I do not want to live anymore. I am a single mum with no family who care about me and all I want is to go to sleep so I can hold my son close to me again. Im not being dramatic, I know all about the support groups out there but for me my son was my entire life my world my everything. I keep looking for a way to die and I cant find a reliable method. Why is it that we read of movie stars who die from sleeping pills etc but on line everyone seems to say it doesnt work. What should I do? Please help me…I am going to do this….my son allowed a train to hit him. I know I can do this myself but I am afraid of shaming his name because already people in the community are gossiping…I just want to slip away quietly to be with him. I have written notes to the coroner and other people so no one will have to face sorting out my will etc…..I just want to be with him and die and live forever cradling him in my arms. I genuinely ask you out there to please tell me exactly what to do to relieve myself of this cruel world and rest peacefully with my beautiful son. Thank you.

pritha roy
pritha roy posted over 2 years ago

pls help me to do this

WorldIsBig posted about 1 year ago

For pple who want to end up their lives.. World is too big. When u feel depressed, left out, stressed out and helpless.. Pls remember There is still someone in this world who is ready to care about u. To give  u friendship, love n care. And im one among them.. This worked out for me. We have chat forums like WeChat and Line where there are millions of pple willing to share with us n care for us. Friendship, love and good relationships happen there. I hav got good friends n caring pple thru these. They hav given me meaning for my life :) see! Now u hav a choice too, like me! 


This s from ur well wisher........ :)  

Janice53 posted 8 months ago

If you have a terminal illness and are on over 120mg of morphine daily and are bedbound, you are in no position to be telling people that they should hold on, it is time to have some dignity, I’m not getting better, there it’s no cure for my illness, I have been this way since 2000, and I can’t take it.