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Shun Oguri

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Shun Oguri
Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Shun Oguri

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Shun Oguri , born December 26, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan is a Japanese actor, having most recently starred in the hit TV drama, Hana Yori Dango and its sequel.

Name: Oguri Shun

Nicknames: Ogushun, Guri & Ogurin

Profession: Actor

Date of birth: December 26,1982

Birthplace: Tokyo

Height: 183cm (6 ft.)

Weight: 70kg

Horoscope Sign: Capricorn

Blood type: O

Hobbies: Surfing

Family: Parents, an older brother(Oguri Ryo) and an elder sister

Talent agency: Tristone

Early life

Oguri Shun is a Japanese actor. He was born on December 26, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan and was raised in a family of five, including himself, his parents and two older siblings, one brother and one sister, making Shun the youngest in his family. Shun made his way into the acting industry not because he knew he had a great talent for it (though, of course, it’s clear he does!) and not because he was pursuing a passion of his, but because he was an avid admirer of Uchida Yuuki, a Japanese actress. He loved her acting and was a very big fan of her’s, and because he wanted to meet her, he joined theater and acting classes. He admits he didn’t really like theater or the acting classes, but somehow, his ambition to meet his idol and the pretty girls in his class kept on driving him. Now, Shun says acting is his life and wouldn’t want it any other way.


His first debut role was as the bullied and abused child from the drama Great Teacher Onizuka in 1998, when he was about sixteen years old. His acting attracted him great attention and from there, he moved onto bigger roles. His breakthrough role is arguably Hanazawa Rui from Hana Yori Dango, though his first lead role in a drama was as the famous Detective Conan from the classic manga series of the same name. Shun has more than enough talent for lead roles, but he has stated that he actually prefers playing the supporting roles. Besides acting he is also a DJ. He is hosting a radio show called ALL NIGHT NIPPON . Impressive actor with a wide range of roles. From a deaf guy in Summer Snow to a cool guy in Gokusen and to a desperate virgin in Stand UP! Hana Yori Dango as cool Hanazawa Rui, Gokusen as gangsta-wannabe Uchi.He is also good even as a supporting character or in minor roles. A very talented young actor…very versatile too…he has done many different characters…with his experience…he will surely have many more dramas, plays & movies to come.

Personal life

When you ask Shun who his best friend is, he will automatically respond with Tsukamoto Takashi (塚本高史). Oguri Shun & Takashi Tsukamoto had known each other for a very long time.Takashi is an actor, a model and a singer. Shun and Takashi have acted together in a drama—Stand Up!!. Takashi was a popular womanizer while Shun’s character, Kouji, and his friends tried to pick up advice and hints from the super idol so they could get a girlfriend themselves. Shun and Takashi have also modeled together in a yaoi magazine once.

Shun’s first widely publicized girlfriend was Yaguchi Mari. She is most famous for being a part of the popular idol group Morning Musume and the subgroup Mini Moni. She was the official leder in January 2005 but she quit the group in April of the same year, making her the only member of Morning Musume to never properly graduate (Morning Musume members graduate or leave the group after a couple years and are replaced with new members so that the group always maintains their cute, young look). She is still somewhat part of the Hello!Project, appearing on their TV shows, and recently sung at their concerts. She is known for being very short (4’9”), which greatly contrasts Shun’s height (6ft). On April 10th, 2005, she and Oguri Shun’s relationship was uncovered by the paparazzi. Shun and Mari had been dating for a year already until then. She quit Morning Musume fifteen days after the paparazzi incident, stating that she didn’t deserve to be the leader of Morning Musume. Several newspaper accounts note Oguri Shun for being a gentlemen throughout the whole ordeal and realizing how much his girlfriend had to give up to be with him. The two broke up in April of 2006. The reason they told the public was because they both became too busy to see one another.

As of August 2006, it has been reported that Shun and Tanaka Miho are going out, although both parties have declined commenting on the matter. Tanaka Miho is a model, and has modeled for magazines such as Seventeen, Mina and Non-No. The two supposedly met early in the summer when they both modeled for Mina magazine, and found that they have a common interest—surfing.


Hana Kimi (2007)- Izumi Sano

Hana Yori Dango 2 (Boys Over Flowers) (2007) – Rui Hanazawa

Yuuki (2006) – Hama

Detective Conan (Case Closed) (2006) – Shin’ichi Kudo (Jimmy Kudo)

Hana Yori Dango Over Flowers) (2005) – Rui Hanazawa

Densha Otoko (2005) – Munetaka Minamoto

Aikurushii (2005) – Jun’ichi Yaguchi

Yoshitsune (2005) – Kagesue Kajiwara

Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3 (2005) – Kazuya Kouno

FIRE BOYS ~ Megumi no Daigo (2004)

Stand Up!! (2003) – Kouji Enami

Ogibosan to Issho (2003) – Kensuke Aramaki

Gokusen (2002) – Haruhiko Uchiyama

Henshuuou (2000)

Ashita o Dakishimete (2000)

Summer Snow (2000) – Jun Shinoda

Aoi Tokugawa Sandai (2000)

GTO (1998) – Noboru Yoshikawa


Crows Zero (2007)

Sukiyaki Western Django (2007)

Kisaragi (2007)

Sakuran (2007)

Ghost Train (2006)

Waters (2006)

Rinne (2006)

Life on the Longboard (2005)

Azumi 2 (2005)

The Neighbour No. 13 (2005)

Is. A (2004)

Haken Kuroitsu no Tsubasa (2004)

Robot Contest (2003)

Azumi (2003)

Hitsuji no Uta (2002)

Shiawase Kazoku Keiga (1999)


Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa – Alfons Heidreich

Jyu Oh Sei – “Third” / Sigurd Heiza


As You Like It

Comedy of Errors

Gouzen no Onaku


Titus Andronicus


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jpopfan posted over 7 years ago

he looks so cute in hana yori dango!!!

kandoo posted over 7 years ago

he looks sooooooooooo cooooollll that it froze my hana yori dango...EmbarassedTongue out

but sooooo bad that the girl went with the other guy..(!-!) 



sweetdecember posted over 7 years ago

he is soo sexyyyyyyyyyyy…and great..and goodlooking… himmmmm

Tenshiko1122 posted over 7 years ago
-sigh- tottemo kakkoi desu ne
Neko_Elena posted over 7 years ago

Smexiness; <333 Haha. Oguri Shun… woot; =3

anarchygirl posted over 7 years ago

i didnt kn0w he's g0od 0n high jump untiL i've watched hana-kimi..L0ves it!!!

loves_oguri-so-much!! posted over 7 years ago

Hey!!..I love him when I first saw him  Hana Yori Dango…his soo cute there!!watch hana-kimi!!he's cute there either!!

Nhia03 posted over 7 years ago
loves_oguri-so-much!! posted over 7 years ago
ohHH!!!..YouR so cute... i loVe watchin you in HYD 1&2, and also tha Hana Kimi..yoUr attitude there is really amazing!, I just can'T help falling in lovE with you!!..heheEmbarassed
akiofautumn posted over 7 years ago

AH! His Sano Izumi- KISSY KISSY DRUNK MODE- keeled me. :D I wuv him. :D

kantap987 posted over 7 years ago
hes so cuteeee!!! i wish at the end of hana yori dango he would be the one she end  up with but no....*sigh* oh well he looks really cute though!! he didnt look sso cute in hana kimi though . i liked him in hana yori dango better!! keep up the good work!!Wink
Botanbutton posted over 7 years ago

He just grabs you heart and attention all at once!!!

Enverlies posted over 7 years ago

Hes a really good actor especially in Hana Yori Dango !
Kawai ne -


HYR posted over 7 years ago

He's extremely HOT & ADORABLE! Not only that he's a great actor but he also has  a great, athletic body. I love his role in Hanakimi probably because there were many scenes that he took off his shirt... hehehe... Nevertheless, I like him in HYD too, more than Jun.

kennetaro posted over 7 years ago

he's a gud actor.. i want to be like him sumday… whehehe….  "shun ga daisuki desu"

donnakun posted over 7 years ago
soo hooooooooooooooottttt!!!!!Cool
miss pet!t
miss pet!t posted over 7 years ago

he looks like a small baby in summer snow but he is soooooo cute in HYD (1+2)

yunie posted over 7 years ago

he's one of a kind matinee actor at all…i love the way he act..and his cute attitude..i love thios guy very much..keep up the good work..mwuaaaahhh!!!hope to see you in soon as posibble..!!

bebi hon
bebi hon posted over 7 years ago



chuch posted over 6 years ago

shun oguri is one of the best looking actors i’ve watched so far in japan…

Hanoda posted over 6 years ago

i looove him

What I love most in this young Hwa calm and Romance
Especially in the Hana Yuri Dango, Hanna Kimi I loved it really
Hua better-than-Stars Japan


just-me posted over 6 years ago

I LOVE him

he's sooooo cute

Hotdayum posted over 6 years ago

I.Love.Him. o.o;;

Jemimah Gyra
Jemimah Gyra posted over 6 years ago

Shun Oguri is not only great looking but also a great actor!

He's way more better in Hana Yori Dango than Hana Kimi. 

Jassy5 posted over 6 years ago

Great Actor!XD XD XD!



dett posted over 6 years ago

i miss seeing OGURi SHUN onscreen…;))

tomohisa'sgirl17 posted over 6 years ago

My Favorite top 5 guys which I love hehehe

5.Jun Matsumoto

4.Toma Ikuta

3.Jiro Wang

2.Wu Chun and Vaness Wu which one they are tied hehe

1.Tomohisa Yamashita and Shun Oguri crap lol this should've just been my fav top 7 lol

suri posted over 6 years ago

i admire his acting a lot... tat too in Hana yori dango he s really fabulous..

love him lot..Embarassed

no--regretz posted over 6 years ago
it's so kool how he acts all kool in Gokusen n hana yori kawaii!...n i luv him in hana kimi...cause he acts so different from the other sad...but i luv him!...Laughing
kate.kit.kat posted over 6 years ago

hey! he was in Hana Kimi! love that show<3

mangojelly posted over 6 years ago

eheh he was soo funny in binbou danshi XD but i liked hhim more in hana yori dango but hes a great actor no matter how you look at it ..oguri shun <3

xylei posted over 6 years ago

i dont know him yet...... but based on his fans comments he is worrthy to be idolize...

i'm looking forward to his shows......


                                     from : Philiphines  


Leyzell posted over 6 years ago

i lOve you oguri!

khanhdan posted over 6 years ago

love love love Shun >>__<<

sci posted over 6 years ago
i love you shun-kun~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarassed
pandajae posted over 6 years ago

i wuv oguri^^..especially in HYD ..XD dies over hanazawa rui

nurulee posted over 6 years ago

i luv his hair

its really suit his looks

delaciel posted over 6 years ago

Oguri Shun… Oh, i watch a bunch of his drama and movie. All I can say is "He's a great actor!!". When i watched his dramas and movie, I just amazed by his ability to adapt with many different role. From stand up, gokusen, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, crows zero, and of course as Shinichi Kudo in detective Conan. I wonder, whisch one is his real face… Because i always get different kind of vibe in each of his dramas and movies.. He has "that charisma" (even there's another more good looking actor than him).

white_sakura posted over 6 years ago

true, he's so adorable. and he really is such a prince charming (HYD), that role really suit him.

ForEVeRLIfE posted over 6 years ago


sumpingrey posted over 6 years ago

sorry but how do you differentiate between this guy and the 'girl' he's going out with?

aivyvia posted over 6 years ago

My favorite Japanese actor.

cath.lasco.c posted over 6 years ago

hundred and twenty percent. His looks would defy all... Shun Oguri's the cutest guy for me! If he dared to get into showbiz for YUUKI, i'll bring myself in there for him... So, let me finish my study...alright.

cath.lasco.c posted over 6 years ago

The best thing that happens to me today is: I have finish watching Oguri's movie…!

ilovenakatsu posted over 6 years ago

 he's kawaii! i love his role in hana yori dango. i watched the chinese one and watched the japanese one. I like the Japanese one the most. Awesome!! I also love his role in Hana Kimi. he rocks!

shinhizen posted over 6 years ago
WinkSmilehe really look so hot!!!!!!!!
Yuna_YooNa posted over 6 years ago

i like the way his acting in my favourite drama, Hanakimi.. Gambate Shun!!! can u make u more handsome look??

FaWa_kEnzO posted over 6 years ago


x Kasumi x
x Kasumi x posted over 6 years ago

when i look at the pictures of him, i fainted lol <3 My favourite japanese actor!


Deni_chan posted over 6 years ago

So CoOl

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