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Shit Head

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Shit Head
Shit Head Shit Head

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  1. Serve each player (at least two) nine cards face down. Each player picks the top six up and chooses three to put face up and a hand of three from these cards.
  2. Try to rid yourself of cards. This is done by putting down a card higher than or equal to your predecessor’s. The game is played clockwise or anticlockwise, as decided now.
  3. If any player has a black four (4Spades or 4Clubs), that is put down, if there are two held, the one nearest the dealer is placed. If none is held, repeat for 5S and 5C etc.
  4. Put 1 (or more if the rules allow) card(s) down and replenish your hand to three from the pack.
  5. If you have more than three in your hand, you play without picking up untill you are back to three cards.
  6. Play until there are no cards left in the pack pile, once this stage is reached, no more cards are picked up from the said pile (surprise, surprise).
  7. Play until you have no hand (of cards).
  8. Play using the three cards you placed face up at the beginning (leave them face up as you do so, also, a hand can still be picked up at this stage).
  9. When these cards are exhausted, go to the three cards placed face down at the beginning and play them blind (i.e. so no one, not even the player,knows what they are until they are placed on the pile. Also, a hand can still be picked up at this stage). When you are rid of your cards, you are out of the game, this game has no winner and one loser (the last person playing) at the end.


  • Magic Cards, can be placed at any time (exeption, see ‘black queen’ below)
  • any 2 (2H/D/S/C) ‘reset pack’, just a card that can be placed at any time.
  • any 3 (3H/D/S/C) transparent, continue to next player, but they play as if the card had never been placed.
  • any 7 (7H/D/S/C) ‘Go Below’, the next card placed must either be magic or below a seven.
  • any 8 (8H/D/S/C) swap hands, everone passes their hand to the person on their left or right, as specified by the placer of the card. If two or more 8’s are placed, each is treated seperately (ie. you can swap and swap back again).
  • any 10 (10H/D/S/C) ‘burn’ The pile is put to one side, all of its cards (including the 10) are now out of the game. The placer of the 10 places the next card.
  • black queen (QS/C) the next card must not be a magic card, and must still be higher than or equal to the queen.
  • Other Rules
  • Aces and Picture cards are all high.
  • Four cards of the same value placed in a row count as a burn (see ‘any 10’).


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fred1000 posted over 3 years ago

Shithead is definitely the best card game ever invented! :) There is an online version of it under

jaydorf posted 8 months ago

There’s a great version of this game for iPhone on the app store called Poohead. Download it from here