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Shinichi and Ran

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Shinichi and Ran
Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran Shinichi and Ran

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d (Ran Mori) is Jimmy's childhood friend and canonical love interest.

They have known each other since as early as kindergartenand had been playmates since then, which caused some censure from Eva.

In junior high school, Jimmy turned down Asami Uchida, then the manager of the soccer team who admitted that she was interested in him, in favor of Rachel. Their classmates already considered them a married couple and jested about their platonic relationship now and then. There was even a time when he planned to admit his true feelings to Ran after he took a temporary cure for his condition, but he had to solve a murder in the restaurant he took her to, and then turned back into Conan before he could tell her anything. The waitress thought that he was going to propose.

When Jimmy disappeared at Tropical Land, Rachel took in Conan from Professor Agasa, not knowing that Conan was actually Jimmy. Jimmy/Conan decided not to tell Rachel or anyone else about his identity in the fear that the Black Organization might hurt or kill her and her family if his secret somehow got out.

Knowing that Rachel misses him, however, Conan calls her over the telephone and imitates Jimmy's voice with the voice-changing bowtie, so that she is not worried about him. He convinces her that he is off solving a very difficult case and will return once the investigation concludes.

Rachel is no fool however, and due to striking similarities between Conan and Jimmy as a child, she often suspects Conan of somehow being Jimmy. However, every time she does, Conan does something childlike to make her ignore the idea. Later, larger schemes created by Jimmy and those who know his secret have been used to convince Rachel that Conan is not Jimmy. These include pre-recorded messages from "Shinichi" played over the phone in addition to other more and more complex tricks that they pull off. This usually follows an extremely long story arc. In such arcs Conan tends to drop his guard in order to save someone, or to fully investigate a crime. Jimmy hates having to lie to her, and it takes a huge emotional toll on them both, but he loves her too much to let the Black Organization get anywhere near her.

In more recent stories, Rachel becomes positive of Conan's true identity and asks him to admit the truth. Sometimes, Jimmy feels that he cannot trick her anymore. Jimmy gets close to telling her, but then something usually happens which hinders him to do so. After his first encounter with Harley Hartwell (Heiji Hattori), Conan discovers the poison that was fed to him could temporarily be deactivated through drinking a very high proof Chinese alcohol called Paikaru. He makes this discovery when he temporarily turns back into Jimmy after Harley gives Conan some of the liquor as a kind of cold remedy.This is one of the three occasions when Jimmy turns back into his true form. Despite being separated from each other, Rachel and Jimmy still love each other very much and Rachel is always constantly waiting for Jimmy to return and remains faithful to him.

Jimmy/Conan is not without sexual fantasies regarding Rachel; the most obvious example being his getting nosebleeds or blushing--manga shorthand for lust-- when he sees her in a bathing suit, or when Rachel pulled him into an onsen43 with her.

Detectiveconan best couple! They are very sweet! thats all! thanks thanks! don't forget to vote it! onegai!!!!!


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sakura999 posted over 6 years ago

 Kiss i like this all picSz.,.,., wahahahahahaahahaha.,.., moRe photos to uplodInnocent

ranlynn posted over 5 years ago

ukie!!...shinichi loves ran more than anyone else in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuki uchida
Yuki uchida posted over 5 years ago


addicted2u posted over 5 years ago

I love them together!

They are so sweet but I wish Shinichi would revert back to his normal form and tell Ran he loves her!!

Sasaru posted over 5 years ago

"Because I love you, more than anyone else in this world"

Shinichi loves her :)

priscon posted over 5 years ago

great picture!!

YomeKazuha posted over 5 years ago

One truth prevails and it's gonna be Ran and Shinichi forever!!! Sealed

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Ranichi lover
Ranichi lover posted over 4 years ago

I'm so glad those AI lover did not found this website

TeaLeaves posted over 4 years ago

Best couple of all time<3 Manages to keep us on the edge of our seats until the end!

Josephine winna
Josephine winna posted over 4 years ago

I swear they're the best couple forever until end a time!! Embarassed

Sundaelala posted over 4 years ago

lol @Ranichi lover.

I love this couple too, very much! I give all my support to them and I hope, no matter how many things have come their way that hinder them to be together, may they still find their way back to each other in the end.

Stay in love! :D

Ranichi lover
Ranichi lover posted over 4 years ago

Your just as good as when you're in fanpop!!

cutenatsumikanfan posted over 3 years ago

cute,lovely and adorable couple ever!!! :)

Sundaelala posted over 3 years ago

Hahaha thanks @Ranichi Lover ! *overwhelmed* ^^