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Scandinavian Girls

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Scandinavian Girls
Scandinavian Girls Scandinavian Girls

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freedquaker posted over 8 years ago

Scandinavian Girls ROCK ! They are like the definition of Perfection in many fields but not as natural looking as the Slavic Girls. Purely on looks, They beat an average Slavic Girl but beaten by the Top Slavic Girls like Ukranians and do almost on par with the Poles.

Genghis posted over 8 years ago

Yes they do! I find them the most attractive of all.

I live in POLAND and i realy don’t find the girls pretty here. Some for me are realy nice, but the avrege is… ugly. I just wonder why is it only me…

Aethelfrith posted over 6 years ago

I don't mind Slavic girls! I like most girl-populations.

 I think Scandinavians and Japanese (average ones) are the cutest in the world. Love their eyes!

iamthewalrus. posted over 6 years ago

aww. thanks:D haha

hot 4 germans
hot 4 germans posted over 6 years ago

i like girls who aren't from USA. cause more than likely, they are not all real. there are a few tho…

UKpatriot123 posted over 4 years ago

Greetings from UK!

I think you Scandanavian cousins are cool Cool

abucougar posted over 4 years ago

Scandinavian Girls so attractive , this the opinion of majority here in Syria and around the middle east, because the natural & pure beauty without mask,

How will happy the lucky person to win a prize I mean Scandinavian woman.

I look forward to be a lucky person.

fask posted over 3 years ago

check out All about scandinavian girls :)

MicroTrump posted over 2 years ago

I have to join the people that love Scandinavian girls. After traveling around the world meeting all kinds of girls the girls in Scandinavia clearly is my favorite. They are in their own league! Good looks, educated and bright, warm and friendly. I give them 10/10 in every category.

I had a good long look at recommended by fask and I just cant get enough!

On that note I will recommend a site where I met my girlfriend (she is smoking hot!) from Sweden:

Heart Hacker
Heart Hacker posted over 2 years ago

girls from norway….. do contact me in private or

Charlie Snarlie
Charlie Snarlie posted over 2 years ago

The best looking women in the world are Latin American.