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Sayu Yagami

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Sayu Yagami

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Sayu is Light's younger sister. She also plays a minor role in the main storyline, remaining unaware of Light's possession of the Death Note. Sayu, born on June 18, 1989, is a 14-year old second-year student (8th grade) at Eishu Junior High School (英集中学校, Eishu Chūgakkō at the beginning of the story.14 Sayu asks Light for help with mathematic homework, including quadratic function assignments,15 and looks up to Light as she sees his intelligence and believes that he will become a quality detective.16 She is kidnapped by Mello's gang and taken to the United States, but is later returned to her father when he gives the gang the Death Note. Because of these events, in both the manga and anime, she falls into a state of shock and becomes unresponsive to everyone, including her family. In the film, Sayu, portrayed by Hikari Mitsushima, is a high school student. Sayu does not go into a state of shock, and remains ignorant of Light's role as Kira, instead believing that he died in the fight against Kira. Sayu once appears at the Sakura TV festival and causes a small incident when Mogi dies and unknowingly temporarily shocks Misa. The incident results in having Soichiro and Light to pick her up leading to Misa chancing upon Light with her shinigami eyes. At the end of the second movie, Sayu is sent by Sachiko to pick up Soichiro from the train station.

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aimsme posted over 6 years ago

She is absolutely adorable- I felt so sorry for her after she was kidnapped. Poor thing… hugs

Orihime_Inoue posted over 6 years ago

She's so adorable

483 posted over 5 years ago


Fox Trot
Fox Trot posted over 5 years ago

So sad she went into shock.