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Saosin Saosin Saosin

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It’s pronounced ‘SAY-OCEAN’. And it’s a Chinese proverb from the 15th and 16th centuries. It means ‘small heart’.


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abbadabbadoo18 posted over 7 years ago

I love saosin!!! They’re constantly playing on my iPod. :)

Xxim_a_fake posted over 6 years ago

I love "VOICES"

*...We speak in different voices...*

lexy the sexy
lexy the sexy posted over 6 years ago

heheheeheheheh!!! love them live with underoath!!!

their awesome!!!!

2008 sunset staion!!!! san antonio!!!!

hehehe i still havre the ticket!!! am keeping it forever!!!!


mooki posted over 6 years ago

"Mookie's Last Christmas" is my fave. ^_^

love saosin. (Y)

ichliebebillkaulitz09 posted over 5 years ago
I lurvs them!
Jade-a-ling posted over 5 years ago

youre not alone is pretty much my favorite song

נмαנ™ posted over 5 years ago