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Rukia & Ichigo

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Rukia & Ichigo
Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo Rukia & Ichigo

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ShuheiYumichika posted over 7 years ago

The best Bleach couple by far!

33more posted over 7 years ago

Best Couple…Love their adorable fights!

konkira posted over 7 years ago
They are pretty damn hilarious together -- and that whole "You made the rain stop" thing was really nice Kiss
RukiaIchi posted over 7 years ago

BEST couple!! I agree… their fights are awesomely entertaining! They're so cute together.. both are my favorite characters too :D 

myLuvHeeChuL posted over 7 years ago

i think they are meant for each other…

WolfTaske posted over 7 years ago

why do you think the creator had Rukia com back to the world of the living. Becase Ichigo and Rukia are ment for eachother.

arely-chan posted over 6 years ago

ICHIRUKI!!! abosolutely can not be beat ^_^

They were meant to be together....they just are

kikio posted over 6 years ago

why don't they just say they

like eachother and get it  over with

vin86 posted over 6 years ago

iam sure 100 percent they will end up together! watch it..

poechan5 posted over 6 years ago

If Kubo sama doesn't get these two together by the end I may cry.They we're meant  to be the moment Rukia gave Ichigo her soul reaper's power's from the beginning.

animen08 posted over 6 years ago

I do not intend to ruin hopes, but if nobody noticed, I shall reveal the truth!
Rukia is dead, she is a spirit, and it is impossible for a 16 years old boy to fall in love, to kiss, to go out with a woman that is dead for over 50 years, u only need to look...

U will not see more than fanarts! Do not avoid reality, and watch Bleach, that's the real thing.

Ashley17021 posted over 6 years ago
I think this is the best pairing yes rukia is dead she is a death god but if you noticed ichigo father IS a death god himself and had 3 kids and a wife in the real world.. for one to be a death god like him must have died not only is ichigo a death god he is a hollow-death god so i think him and rukia are perfect not to mention they have better chemistry the human chic who i hate needs to hook up with quincy in the series Wink
ichiruki96 posted over 6 years ago
 of course ichigo and rukia should be a couple..they are meant together..i hate that annoying inoue orihime more than everything in the world.she don't deserves ichigo! RUKIA AND ICHIGO FOREVER!!!!!!


Sakura*25 posted over 6 years ago

In my opinion I think THEY ARE THE BEST COUPLE IN BLEACH, I love the chemistrey between them and is so cute when they are fighiting besides that, they have an incredibly strong bond between them, they trust each other 100 % ^ I WANT TO SEE THEM TOGOTHER AAAHHH ^  and of course I HATE ORIHIME, I hate when she says kurosaki-kun kurosaki-kun damn her cant she at least say to him Ichigo xD  Damn it I HATE HER ^^

darkestlight33 posted over 6 years ago


rukia kuchiki 22
rukia kuchiki 22 posted over 5 years ago

i think there is no other person who will match with ichigo.. only rukia,, actually , you can notice it at the beginning..

they are perfect...

100 % sure.. it will end up with them!!! there"s no way ichigo will love inoue .. IchiRuki 4ever

orihime_kurosaki posted over 5 years ago

wow..every IchiRuki fan hates Inoue!! lol

but common peeps..IchiRuki!?!?! O.o WTF!! thats just disgusting,two of them are just great friends.. and all of you seem to be clinging on that SS arc,but did you notice that in the end Rukia decided to stay there..what do you think why? because they are in love O.o

ummm..of course not!! Its because she belongs in SS and Ichigo belongs in the real world!and who was by Ichigos side after he fought Byakuya? thats was Orihime!! not Rukia but her, Rukia was more concered for her Nee-san then the man she loves O.o wow...and talk about Ichigo..he was more eager to fight Ganju then go save Rukia..that must be love!! -_-

trust me the end it is going to be IchiHime!!besides Ichigo is more determined in savingOrihime, just look at him..he even came back from the dead and turned into that hollow beast in order to save her!!

IchiHime pwns :P 

Eleithei posted over 5 years ago

I am so going to get my head bitten off now but:

Rukia+Renji, are prob gonna end up together, she is from a noble family, shes old, shes dead and I believe her and Renji have some history ;b 


Anyways I think Itchigo likes Inoue, especially in that episode where they hold hands and stand still for a while, when he goes "lets go home" once he "saved her". Anyways, she loves him at least, and well orange heads might as well stick together! 

I don't know, ye the plot could be great if it ended with rukia and itchigo, like any other move, girl gives something up, boy saves her awww live happy ever after  *rolls eyes* but I dono isn't orihime the girl next door? 

We will wait and see, but they are both 15 and the other two (R n' R) are old :P

hime88 posted over 5 years ago

ichihime is better.sorry ichiruki fans.rukia is ugly and look like a boy.orihime is beautiful,so you see the difrence?????

gr8sh posted over 5 years ago

ichiruki. nuff said.

they're perfect together.

rukia is the light of ichigo's world.

she freakin' stopped the rain.





orihime cant do that.

gr8sh posted over 5 years ago

and obviously beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

its for ichigo to decide Undecided

Ashley17021 posted over 5 years ago

Wow i dont see him ending up with anybody but rukia…. orhime gets on my nerves and we can all see he cares deeply for rukia he only tolerates orhime because he gets hurt and she can fix him whenever he gets hurt and rukia gets hurt he wants her to be healed first he is always wanting to be with rukia.. and about her staying in SS wasnt he DEPRESSED over it even orhime commented over how he she couldnt get him out of his funk and then rukia appears in the window of his classroom and staps him out of his depression.. and about her being with renji i believe they do hold some feelings but i dont think she is sexual attracted to him its all one sided love when it comes to them on romantic terms… the only guy she was attracted too in the past was her vice capitan who was married who looks like ichigo so we know she is attracted to him sexually if not why would she go against the soul society in order to help him risking her life for his they are perfect couple in my book… and had ichigo ever gave orihime a second thought he doesnt trust her 100% that was made clear when he went to save her that he did have some doubt so i dont see any love with them because you cant have love without 100% trust so go back to your crappy file and leave us rukiaxichigo fans alone… also we might think the writer will go in your favor if it wasnt for the fact rukia is one of the favorites characters and she even had a movie about her and ichigo connection so hahaha

NeverEndingRain posted over 5 years ago

Ichigo and Rukia are simply meant to be...They break the mold of typical couples. Just cuz Rukia is a little bit of a tomboy doesn't mean a thing. So she doesn't blush like mad if Ichigo talks to her or anything...But that is just not them! They already know each other on a much depper level. They have this unbeliveable trust in one another. Ichigo states himself in FtB that his and Rukia's bond can never be broken, even if she loses all memory of him. This btw was Kubo-sensei approved...Even though they've known eachother for such a short time...But that is not everything....They dried each others rain,changed their wolds and lives...For crying out loud they sing together!!! Ichigo needs a strong girl that can be by his side to help him through everything and be his partner-soulmate and equal on every level. And to be honest, I think the one thing they both want (and need) is to by eachother's side...They are so sweet..

And Rukia is the most beutiful Bleach girl....end of story...:)


 All IchiHime fans....LEAVE seriously...u hate IchiRuki we get it...Take all the trash talk and go somewhere else...Just keep the damn peace!!!

MzKapaa posted over 5 years ago
The only possible Bleach couple ^^ and i love them they are so made for eachother from the very start
PearlofPretty posted over 5 years ago
They are so CUTE ! Love'them  .
Chaossv posted over 5 years ago

Ichiruki forever...!

 sorry, but i can't stand with IchiHime.. i dont hate Orihime, she's kind and lovely (but Rukia is my favourite chara ever) but not with IchiHime

 so, i love Orihime but not with IchiHime coz i'm a die hard IchiRuki fans..

they're meant for each other...

ichirukinezzlover12 posted over 5 years ago

ichiruki ftw ichihime ftl whoever thinks orihime will end up with him has some love problems that they need to get fixs

kinmulay posted over 5 years ago

i believe in ichihime no matter what you said !!!! i love orihime and ichigo..



ichihime 4 ever.... haha 

Lulux posted over 5 years ago

Rukia is so cute when she make the "bwahahaha" thing!!! XD Ichiruki

Orihime is good, but she doesnt fight violently like Rukia, thats make her population down. I always love Rukia. My Best Anime Character~~~~~~ Rukia is just soooo kawaii.

Ichiruki forevax!

BTw: I think Orihime suits Uryu... hahahaha XD

aiifanaro posted over 5 years ago

if ichigo's father (who is undeniably a shinigami) could marry a human and had three adorable and healthy children like ichigo, karin, and yuzu, then there's no reason for ichigo and rukia not to be a couple and even married. :P

about orihime, i do like her, and she's definitely one of the key characters in the series. rukia and orihime had a really nice and close relationship to each other, so i can't see any reason for us (ichiruki and ichihime fans) to dislike each other and even insult both of them. so, even i am an ichiruki fans, i still like orihime, and hope she will be tag along with the rest till the end :)


zanofina posted over 5 years ago

I really like Bleach from the very start of the story, it seems like it was an extraordinary show that will surely capture the attentions of any viewer. And I also like the couples huh, they are really meant for each other.

Rach Rukia
Rach Rukia posted over 5 years ago

..rukia and ichigo forever..

Sarah♥ posted over 4 years ago

BEST couple!! love it. Rukia and Ichigo are the best!

AzureUmi posted over 4 years ago

I love IchiRuki, they work as a team and they understand each other. Its more a healthier relationship than with Inoue, and IchiRuki is a much better example of a lasting relationship. The way they interact is entertaining too. I really hope Kubo will give Ichigo and Rukia their romantic moment :D

Turning into a monster with a heart missing and the actual guy missing his consciousness is not really romantic, its more like horror. Besides, the IchiThing didn't give a damn about what happened to Inoue in the first place. Ichigo's instincts are more like when it comes to protecting, you fight in some way. And that lust of his was for fighting. That cero was going to seriously injure or even kill Inoue with her proximity so close. Romantic? Hell no. And the person who mentioned the SS arc how Rukia left Ichigo for her "Nee-sama", get over those dellusions. She was acting that out, so to get Byakuya from mutilating Ichigo, she was protecting Ichigo as best she could at the moment. Hello? Were you not paying attention? Seriously. Come up with more convincing arguement please. I can refute everything that you mentioned. 

IchiRukiJay posted over 4 years ago

Ichigo and Rukia had a better chemistry towards each other... it's kinda obvious they'll end up together... the way they sleep at the same house, same room... Not to mention some of the powers that Ichigo has are from Rukia... I really don't like Orahime, she's too girly and she just gets in the way! Yell... and noticed that in most animes and mangas only cool guys and not so cool girl (like, just normal) ends up with each other, same with any other asian dramas or  movies...


meimei123 posted over 4 years ago

Their the best Bleach couple <3

their the reason why i watch bleach XDD

_chibi-chan_ posted over 4 years ago

Only pairing for Ichigo I see happening <3

SoulHugger posted over 4 years ago
They match perfectly,,,,,GO TO GELL ICHIHIME!!!!Cool
althena mira
althena mira posted over 4 years ago

The best couple of bleach!!!! I really really agree ...they fight together and then stay together.Perfect reason orihime can't fight with rukia is the bond between rukia and ichigo.Their bond is really strong.I'm sure they will be together forever!!!!! RUKIA AND ICHIGO FOREVER!!!!!!! 

There is no way ichigo will fall in love with orihime.I reallllllyyyy hate orihime.She acts like a innoscence girl but that is ssssooooo annoying.She doesn't even has a cute face like Rukia and then when she says 'kurosaki-kun ' I feel angry.The thruth is I always feel angry all the time I see her.




Shirayuki_14 posted over 4 years ago

All the ichihime fans need to stfu & leave us (Ichiruki fans) alone! Ichiruki all the way!!! Best couple ever!!! Rukia is my fav character & she can kick ass & orihime is just annoying, always yelling “Kurosaki-kun” ..its like dude shut up! Your annoying!!!!

yoruichi_soifon13 posted over 4 years ago

best pair..

'nuf haters!

yoruichi_soifon13 posted over 4 years ago

best pair..

'nuf haters!

hinata0298 posted over 4 years ago

ichigo and rukia the best nto to be mean but orihima and ichigo SUCK!!!! and to point out the one thing i hate the most she did is when she could only tell one person goodbye she told ichigo goodbye...but thats not y i hate her because before she left she kissed him!!!!!Yellcan you believe it i hate her soooooooooo much i just want to make her dissapear HEHEHE (i'm a little crazy not reallySmile.

Iku-chan posted over 4 years ago
KAWAII COUPLE!!!Embarassed
cutenatsumikanfan posted over 3 years ago

adorable and funny couple ever!!!! :D

nakki desinta
nakki desinta posted over 3 years ago

they're really meant to be


RP_MakotoItoKun posted over 3 years ago

I think they are cute both actually they are and should be couples by the end of bleach

melnel posted over 3 years ago

i don’t hate rukia. infact i love her just not for ichigo. yes his dad married a human but she was gentle and sweet(none of which rukia really has alot of). Ichigo can’t tame her but rengi can.

no she is just too old.

it is ok for a man to be older than a woman (even if that is a hundred years) but not the other way she is just too experienced for him. in her eyes and the soul society’s he don’t think (like orhime) before acting in battle.

opposites don’t atract in this case

bleach rukia
bleach rukia posted over 3 years ago
ichiruki !!! when will u guys kiss !?Kiss
Renzo™ posted over 2 years ago