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Robin Hood: the Sex Legend

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Robin Hood: the Sex Legend

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Now, I’m normally loathe to recommend films I’ve never seen (or have only known about for 3 minutes), but this one sounds a corker. IDMB .com says of this green-hosed salami-fest:

"This time out it's Robin Hood who's out to steal the king's harem, and largely succeeds"

Apparently, Robin is played in the film by someone called Mark Davis. I have been unable to locate any indication from Google Images as to the true size of his quiver, or indeed, the littleness of his Little John, but I have found this interesting picture of Maid Marian’s botty to be going on with.


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NimbleMarmoset posted over 8 years ago

that looks great! hahaha!

Link_of_hyrule posted over 7 years ago

I would watch it!

abdow posted over 4 years ago

I would watch it

joker kamo
joker kamo posted over 4 years ago

can i watch this movie