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Rie Komiya

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Rie Komiya

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She got to the final stage on The Women of Ninja Warrior, only to be beaten by the pink-haired Ayako Miyake.


Plus she's pretty good looking, being a Japanese reknown newscaster and all that.  Just recently went into modeling, I think, after her appearance on Ninja Warriors.


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fireStarter posted over 7 years ago

your the greatest ever

Teddy-bear posted over 6 years ago

Your great and gorgeous...i love you gurl!!!!

yoda9 posted over 6 years ago

HOT HOT HOT!  Everyone loves you!

Ace0fDiamonds posted over 5 years ago
Oh hot damn!  I made this page!  Yay for me!

I love Rie Komiya!

And I love you guys who bested her!
toothless99 posted over 4 years ago

Rie Komiya is the best! I love you!

japanlover posted over 4 years ago

ayako miyake is more hot