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Ravenclaw Ravenclaw

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Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge and wit. Its emblematic animal is the eagle, and its colours are blue and bronze. The Ravenclaw Head is Filius Flitwick. No Ravenclaw house ghost is directly mentioned in the books; however, the Harry Potter movies name her as the Grey Lady. The house was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw. According to Rowling, Ravenclaw corresponds roughly to the element of air. The Ravenclaw common room and dormitories are located in Ravenclaw Tower on the west side of the school. Very few Ravenclaw members are specifically mentioned, and, in general, they are not seen much in the Harry Potter books.

Ravenclaw house may also have an element of beauty within it, since Rowena Ravenclaw is described as being fair (pleasing to the eye), and that nearly all Ravenclaws are described as being handsome or beautiful and have had success in relationships (with the exception of Luna Lovegood).


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Kai posted over 7 years ago

Bah why do none of these houses have descriptions? Meh. I’ll put some Wikipedia entries on them all.

NimbleMarmoset posted over 7 years ago

Good job, Kai! Clean up after us lazy folks. :)

grintster posted over 7 years ago

I’m always sorted into Ravenclaw anyway LOL

sluttyukes posted over 7 years ago

"I’m always sorted into Ravenclaw anyway LOL"

Same. HA.

Mister Boomy
Mister Boomy posted over 7 years ago

I like the way you gain entry to their commonroom.

Mielikki posted over 7 years ago

It's great, except you might get furious sometimes when you're in a rush.

Kitany posted over 7 years ago

This is my house!!! *joyyy*


sagemgold123 posted over 7 years ago

this is my fav!

i am always sorted into Ravenclaw anyway!^_^

M.Ravenclaw posted over 4 years ago

Always blue and bronze

AmandaRasinta posted over 3 years ago

like ravenclaw emblem because of the color, blue!!