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Paolo Nutini

Created by Jemma. Last Edited by Jemma. Tagged as: Music, People
Paolo Nutini
Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini Paolo Nutini

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rmd1309 posted over 8 years ago

great voice. great looks. great stage presence.

pancakebriggs posted over 7 years ago

Love him. Listening to him now :D posted over 7 years ago

Cute face. Good voice.

Clarabella posted over 7 years ago

He is so hot.....:P

And has such a nice

I am proud his roots are in Tuscany!! lol

PaperMoon posted over 7 years ago

loved the concert!

camilla posted over 7 years ago

really want to see him live.

Kiki lawrar jain
Kiki lawrar jain posted over 7 years ago

Im in love with Paolo young paisley boy <3

PaintKan posted over 7 years ago

love his music … haha I have on new shoes today :]

Franciui posted over 6 years ago

he's hot,crazy and I love his voice!!!