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Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru

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Orochimaru is one of the Sannins of Konoha ( Three Legendary Ninjas). He, Tsunade and Jiraiya was bestowed this title by Salamander Hanzou during their fight with Hanzou at the Country of Rain. The Sannins of Konoha are also disciples of the Konoha 3rd Hokage - Sarutobi.

Orochimaru was a genius ninja born into Konoha, and was seen by Sarutobi as the next protector of the village. However, Orochimaru was corrupted during his youth as he seeks to explore power and immortality. He murdered a lot of children and people in his sick experiment in cloning the 1st Hokage genetics. These murderous act including the desecration of the 1st Hokage body angered Sarutobi and Orochimaru was banished from Konoha.

Orochimaru created a technique in which he can transfer his soul into another body,  thus rendering him ageless. He joined Akatsuki but not for long as he was defeated by Uchiha Itachi, in his attempt to control Itachi.

Orochimaru banded together with the Sand Village and assaulted Konoha. During his fight with Sarutobi, Orochimaru raised the 1st and the 2nd Hokage to fight Sarutobi. In the climatic end of this battle, Sarutobi used the 4th Hokage technique and sealed Orochimaru's hands away, forever rendering him unable to use ninjutsu.

In an attempt to restore his hands, Orochimaru persuaded Tsunade to help him, but to no avail. Tsunade and Jiraiya battled Orochimaru as a punishment for attacking Konoha and murdering the 3rd Hokage. Orochimaru lost heavily and retreated.

Orochimaru persuaded Uchiha Sasuke to be his student, as he know Sasuke also seeks power to murder Itachi. However, Orochimaru's true purpose is to obtain the Sharingan and Sasuke's body. In the end of his training, Sasuke murdered Orochimaru for his sins against Konoha. 

A fragment of Orochimaru's soul still lives inside Kabuto as Kabuto seeks to revive Orochimaru.



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Top_s_dream_karin posted over 6 years ago

I love you soo much orochchimaru…

4ever love you !!!!!!

Mistress of Yaoi
Mistress of Yaoi posted over 6 years ago
ok i admit it its the tongue that gets me Tongue out
demoniacgoththing posted over 6 years ago


I love you Ochochi-sama

Kttn posted over 6 years ago

The prettiest, coolest and most gentle cartoon character ever. I've always had a crush on him and will always have. :)

=D.N= posted over 6 years ago

He's the best pedobear eva~ You'll be always in our hearts,Oro-kun~~_ That woman form of him was the creepiest thing in the whole series…Even creepier then headless Hidan lol

Hyena Valentina
Hyena Valentina posted over 6 years ago

Orochimaru is OSSOM!!!! XD

so is Vincent Valentine from FFVII, The same voice actor.

Zero's sister
Zero's sister posted over 6 years ago

O.O WOW....... Orochimarus has his fans too?!

never thought of that......

no offence.......

xRNight posted over 6 years ago

I Love you My Master ^ ^

SiLe posted over 5 years ago

:) !

Masina posted over 5 years ago

Oro-pedo raped SasGAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!

keddzz posted over 5 years ago

Orochimaru … ♥

AnimeColor posted over 5 years ago

Ooo SEXY OROCH!! such a hottie.

otaku only!!!
otaku only!!! posted over 5 years ago


CookieCrumbxx posted over 4 years ago
The best villian evaarr, chyeah. 8]
And he was so cute when he was a child too. ♥
somebodyyoudontknow posted over 4 years ago

mine orochimaru's birthdays are close

mines the 24th of october

his is the 27th of october

shaffire posted over 4 years ago

tbh the smexiest chars in my opinion are


3.Kakuzu ( dunno why ;o but his eyes are awesome<3 even though he is like 91 years lol :D)

2.Hidan <3

1.Orochimaru x.x <3<3<3

ps: could be i forgot somebody srry ^^

mm i just realized most of them are evil :D niahahaha >:)

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