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Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki

Created by Guardian_Shiro. Last Edited by hime88. Tagged as: People
Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki
Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki

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ICHIHIME,they belong together....Embarassed they are so sweet.I don`t understand people who think that she is annoying.she`s wonderfull person who cares about her friends...


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Ichigo lover
Ichigo lover posted over 7 years ago

ong they r like the best couple

paramore posted over 6 years ago

best anime couple in history!

Raven Uchiha
Raven Uchiha posted over 6 years ago
I just want to squee every time I see them together.Smile BACK OFF RUKIAYell
hime-x-x posted over 6 years ago

they are the best couple ever!!

ichihime is gonna happen!

bozomania posted over 6 years ago

ichigo and orihime are just waiting to happen, you can tell by little sparks in the anime. I dont really understand why everybody keeps thinking ichigo and rukia, to me it seems they both have a brother and sister relationship. 

Think about harry potter (which would be ichigo^^)  before the 6 and 7 book, everybody was like Omg! Omg! harry(ichigo) and Hermonie(rukia) will get together, well guess what!  it didnt happen,  Harry fell in love with Ginny(orihime^^)

bloodsanity posted over 6 years ago

yeah they are but i would like him to be with rukia…just an opinion. ichiXori is still cool!Laughing

evelynne posted over 6 years ago

they are obviously meant to be together. there are some many undertones in bleach that suggest that. also they both have orange hair, are tall and good looking. plus ichigo calls her by inoue which none of the other characters call her by and she calls him by kurosaki, which none of the other characters call him by. plus rukia looks to much like a boy to be with ichigo and is too short and ugly.

ichiruki96 posted over 6 years ago


ichiruki96 posted over 6 years ago


~orihime&ichigo~ posted over 6 years ago
Omg!!! i love orihime and ichigo together. i mean come on they were meant to be together. why would tite kubo not want them to be...... Smile
~orihime&ichigo~ posted over 6 years ago

thats mean what you said.. just because you hate her doesn't give you the right to say that so do keep negativity to your self.

zamizamu posted over 6 years ago
orihime_kurosaki posted over 5 years ago

why is it that every IchiRuki fan is so full of hatred for that girl Undecided

go somewhere else and work on your issues cause we dont care that you hate her..

sheesh..!!btw IchiHime pwns   Tongue out

hime88 posted over 5 years ago

ICHIHIME,they belong together....Embarassed they are so sweet.I don`t understand people who think that she is annoying.she`s wonderfull person who cares about her friends...

AnimeGuy150 posted over 5 years ago

Ah, I love these two. They're so sweet.


And ichiruki96 and zamizamu, I have two words to say to you both:


Sasaru posted over 5 years ago
To me they are the best couple in Bleach
hime88 posted over 5 years ago
ichiruki96 fuck off!!!LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingTongue outTongue outTongue outTongue out
ninja14 posted over 5 years ago
This is the BEST COUPLE EVERLaughing I would like to see Ichigo and Orihime get together. if they don't get together...I sure hope that Ichigo does NOT get paired up with anyone...especially Rukia. No offense to Rukia, but she'd be better off with Renji
Crazy Ninja
Crazy Ninja posted over 5 years ago

Ichigo and Orihime were in fact MEANT TO BE, why the fuck do you think Ichigo  would defy the head captains orders to to stay put, but instead Ichigo goes to go rescue her from Aizen and plus after Grimjow and Vizard Ichigo have their battle in Hueco Mundo, in the end Ichigo and Orihime are smiling and holding hands.

So yeah the Rukia and Ichigo thing was only meant to be a SISTER and BROTHER type relationship.NOTHING ELSE. So all of you ICHIRUKI fans STOP with the fuckin NEGATIVITY.

stryfle posted over 5 years ago

Glad to know there're many Ichihime fans over here! They're meant to be together. Looks cute together. I mean, IchiRuki is just wrong. Plus, Rukia is the most annoying in the series, to me. So GO ICHIHIME!!! Hime, ganbarre yo!

hime88 posted over 5 years ago
yes yes yes we love ICHIHIME!!!!!Kiss  rukia can go off with renji or byakuya!!!!but ichigo belongs to hime-chan!!!!!!!
deesan posted over 5 years ago

Ichigo and Orihime are good is the cutest, the best, the good, the great couple ever..go ICHIHIME.

montii posted over 5 years ago

MEANT 2 BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lexxi911 posted over 5 years ago

definitely orihime + ichigo... i mean there's way more chemistry for those two...<3

 rukia can go with renji ... :)

IchixHime love
IchixHime love posted over 5 years ago
Ichigo and Orihime are the best cople in the entire world. RukiaxIchigo fans can suck it. Yeah they care for each other but it's obvious Ichigo likes Orihime, because he shows so much care for her, and you can see it in his eye's he loves her. He gives her that look, and Orihime gives it right back. Heck I'm even making a IchixHime story, but their not really humans but wolves, but don't worry I'm gonna be making a human one soon. SmileSmileSmile
NBECMich posted over 5 years ago

Crazy Ninja@ and other like you,,,,you guy talk about other being négatif well look your seft in mirror i was reading your comment and they are rude and should not belong on forum like this.

Everybody have the right to they own opinion on Rukia and Ichigo or Ichigo and Orihime.

There nothing rong witt the Ichigo Orihime couple. Orihime in the serie she have a gold heart and is nice with evebody and true she have felling for Ichigo wish is the only sign, is that Kiss before she was kidnap.

STILL, There the reality of the serie that i notice many you did not see. Ichigo did not defy the heat captain because a have feeling for Orihime. Ichigo defy him because Orihime was consider a traitor wish is not true, she a friend of all of them, Uryu, Chad, Renji and Rukia also went to rescue her those that mean there in love whit Orihime two. There no come in sens into that. The come in sens in that they did it because she a important part of there them and a good friend.

PLUS, looking at it there more sign that Rukia will end up witt Ichigo the list is two longue. Ichigo save her more then one time, Rukia is alway worried about him, Ichigo you become so strong, Ichigo dont die, Ichigo dont come after me or will never forgive you. In the Howlo world she mention a few time worried a few time about Renji, The rest of the time wish almost all the time it Ichigo she worried about. Ichigo is very protectif of Rukia so much that rukia now have to tell him dont worry about me i can take care of my self. Rukia alway want to sleep in Ichigo closet she introduce her self to is family Isshin already accepted her at the point to concider her is 3th daugther, The father not that crazy remember a no something up between Rukia and is son, do you thing Isshin would let her that easy in the family just because i no she a Soul reaper and working whit Ichigo. Plus other Character Rin (the modified soul in the stuff bird), notice that in the Soul Society. Neil in the Hollow world was looking at Rukia witt Jalouse eye. Orihime notice that two, that wy she was crying in Matsumoto arm. In there School everybody wonder watt going on between Rukia and Ichigo, and it not just because of the Soul Reaper buniness. Think about it Rukia dont need to stay around Ichigo all the time in School she dont even need to go to School just to help him in is Soul reaper dutie, specialy after kon arrive in the show, Ichigo have Kon pill and is subtitude badge to change in a Soul Reaper. Still Rukia alway's around. They even fight some time like a married couple like that time whit the water tape in the Hospital. And the most important part Ichigo and Rukia have a special bond wish they take about in the 3th movie. That bond and is feeling is what that helped him to find her and rescue her again, they were looking at each other eye at the end of the movie Ichigo tell her good bye Shimigami Rukia responde not Shimigami it Rukia looking at Ichigo eye. Of course there picture over the net that was made by the Author and some by fan that show Rukia and Ichigo together in romance. There some picture for Orihme and Ichigo two but only fan stuff and not as good. And of course there more not going to spend the night on it. 

Maybe they will never go further them very close friend, still there at less 60 time more sign that those two care for each other and have feeling for each other. Depend watt Tite Kudo will decide true they could be a twiste and would turn Ichigo Orihime as a couple. But one thing Wiki Answer mention that Tite Kudo is keeping it as a Action Manga for now, not romance.

 Me I vote for Rukia and Ichigo there cute plus the sign show threy are soul mate belong together.

All the detail i give up, is because i follow the serie very close it all the the episode all over the internet far to be negatif or bullshit.

kinmulay posted over 5 years ago
i love ichihime EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed i reallt hate rukiaYellYellYell
apple123 posted over 5 years ago

They are soooo cute together…....wonder if they'll ever kiss?? COM' ON TITE KUBO LET'S HURRY FOR THEM TO BE TOGETHER!!!!Rukia obviously fits to Renji but Ichigo…...YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Orihime Kagome
Orihime Kagome posted over 5 years ago

hello ppls i think its going to happen soon if you look at season 14 ending you will see ichigo walking to meet a sitting orihime at the very end

Shorti posted over 5 years ago

I also think Ichihime will happen ♥

I love this couple, one of my favorite couples of all time!! And I have a long list ;P I deff dont hate Rukia though, She is awsome in my opinion, but i would rather Ichihime and Renruki, I think that fits a lot batter 8D Plus orihime is sooo funny, and inocent and etc. Ichigo needs someone to make him smile in his life :)

I saw that ending!! I loved it!! Ichihime FTW ♥

Ichihime ♥

Renruki :)

Shorti posted over 5 years ago

Ohh btw, bloodsanity thanks for being nice even though you ship a diffrent pairing :) ♥


IchigoxOrihime forever
IchigoxOrihime forever posted over 5 years ago

The cutest and coolest anime couple!!!!

Love them!!!!

bleach fan 101
bleach fan 101 posted over 5 years ago
ok everone listen up! orihime loves ichigo we know thats true but ichigo is showing signs that he cares for her to. and with rukia there could be signs but we dont know the auther  said that he didt want a romance thing going on so we probly wont know til the end. oh and by the way i think ( and hope ) he choose orihime and just to let u ichigo and rukia fan every where know (NBEC mitch )  that ichigo got killed and orihime was crying ten u hear ichigo say "i got to protect her" or something along the line then he gets amazling stronger and killes the person who killed him without a sweat so i think he likes her but with out knowing it Surprised ALSO TO U JERKS OUT THERE BEING IDIOTS  orihime fans are ok with rukia and not all she is a bitch what a hore ok and orihime care about other mabye she is a little foucused on ichigo but she is nice and u are just upset cause she would kick ur but ( by the way (again Tongue out) she is the strongest she does time reversol so she could make it so the person was never born but she wont cause she is sweet!Innocent so suck on that hippys hahaahh
Devil Dog
Devil Dog posted over 4 years ago

IchigoXOrihime ftw

animefreak78 posted over 4 years ago

I don't wish to be an Inoue hater or anything, and I do realize she has a heart of gold. But I think she needs to be back in human land and get out of the spirit world. She doesn't realize her power and it makes her weak, which in turn makes her a liability. In my oppinion, in this anime, a liability is not attractive. Ichigo is strong, and can't be burdened with someone who is like she is. Rukia is pretty awesome for him because she is different and has spunk.

I wish they would depict Inoue a bit differently, right now she is just annoying. Perhaps she should end up with Ishida instead lol....

chizuru love ichihime
chizuru love ichihime posted over 4 years ago

my hime...! "BUGH"

so incredibble... Surprised


but i hate ichiruki's vans Yell

XObleach posted over 4 years ago

Hate them both.

Inoue is cute but is too weak, she will never be able to keep up with someone like Ichigo.

As for Rukia, she’s not even ALIVE (and yes I have thought about Ichigo’s dad miracle but still). She strong but not strong enough. She gives ichigo a lot of support but her duty to soul society and her bro makes her unreliable and it could get him killed.

Am sorry to say but but both of them are not good enough. but based on what ive read and seen it looks like Rukia might be the one. URGH

Dante 02
Dante 02 posted over 4 years ago
Laughing AllriGht theyre the BESTTT
cc-her posted over 3 years ago

hentai! but their the best..