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Nigel Terry

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Nigel Terry
Nigel Terry Nigel Terry

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Rugged, dark-haired, slightly forlorn looking British actor. Best known for playing King Arthur, Caravaggio and the priest in Troy. He has also had a long career with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is v. goodlooking in my opinion and a brilliant actor!


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farside8 posted over 5 years ago

I think NT is such an intuitive and talented actor - to think he's the same man who plays Prince John in "The Lion in Winter" and Carivaggio in "Carivaggio" is incredible.  Brings credibility into any film he is in.

Renaissance Woman
Renaissance Woman posted over 5 years ago

Nigel Terry is an extraordinary actor.  The man was the one and only actor who could have pulled off King Arthur.  I absolutely love his work.  I even love his work in the Derek Jarman pieces.  My heart went out to Mr. Boldwood in FFTMC.  His portrayal of Gabriel Pitone in Highlander is also one of my favorites.  I watch it over and over again.  I wish I knew more about him.