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Nice People

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Nice People
Nice People Nice People

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Isn't it the most wonderful thing when people provide help, give gifts or just act friendly, even though they'll receive nothing in return? The kindness of people helps to offset everything that's wrong with the world. They give a reason to smile.


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hotpinkplaydough posted over 7 years ago

OH YES! AMEN! Nice People are well, the butter to the worlds bread! i kno that made no sense, but anyone, everyone can be a nice person and its those who where already nice who were brought up to be kind and caring, they teach others and show them that they can be 2! YAY NICE PEOPLE ROCK!awww… thats such a cute pic, by the way.:D

shia(>_<) posted over 5 years ago

when you meet someone nice you feel good and you too wanna be nice...

so i guess we should all be nice to anyone we meet!

its good to get to know ppl! 

JoKeRsApPReNtice:} posted over 5 years ago

lol look its me! the best thing to keep in your back pocket!

xnumerox posted over 5 years ago

i like nice people.

if they are nice to me, i will be nice back :D

nas_mira posted over 5 years ago

i hope everybody will b nice....

n also meet nice people...

saywat??? posted over 5 years ago

i luv nice people i am one as well :P

montii posted over 5 years ago

ditto i’m super nice u never see me without a smile on m face :) unless somethings wrong

_kaTHya_ posted over 5 years ago


apple123 posted over 5 years ago

Hopefuly the world will be a happier place where everyone will be nice, calm , and we have no wars!!!

woodsey posted over 4 years ago

we could some more of these people please… send asap :)