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Nibbles (Tom and Jerry)

Created by Ban. Last Edited by Ban. Tagged as: Humor, TV
Nibbles (Tom and Jerry)
Nibbles (Tom and Jerry) Nibbles (Tom and Jerry) Nibbles (Tom and Jerry) Nibbles (Tom and Jerry)

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Character Name

First Appearance
"The Milky Waif" 1946

The always Hungry and curious mouse that Jerry takes care of.

Relationship to Tom and Jerry
Ward of Jerry
Apetizer for Tom

Featured Cartoons
"The Milky Waif", 1946
"Little Orphan" 1949
"Safety Second" 1950
"The Two Mouseketeers" 1952
"Two Little Indians", 1953
"Life With Tom", 1953
"Little School Mouse", 1954
"Mice Follies", 1954
"Touche' Pussy Cat", 1954
"Tom and Cherie", 1955
"Feedin' The Kiddie", 1957
"Royal Cat Nap", 1958
"Robin Hoodwinked", 1958


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