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auroraborealis posted over 6 years ago

i recommend this site cos it's seriously very good. you can watch all the korean, japanese and taiwan dramas and movies and hongkong drama for free!!! plus, it has all the popular dramas! you can also request dramas there and the person in charge will try to accommodate, so go =))

airam_accer posted over 6 years ago
i just logged on to but im viewing a different confused right now, is the page under construction? but im pretty sure that i type in kinda frustrated right now cause i will miss viewing my favorite dramasCryCry
Vicky ;)
Vicky ;) posted over 6 years ago

I love  it's a get web site to go to.




ilovenakatsu posted over 6 years ago

 for people who doesn't understand korean, japanese or taiwanese, it's the best website to watch dramas and movies with the sub.

tubeasian posted over 6 years ago
Another Great Asian Movie Site is I just love watching there because they have a dark template which make it better.CoolCool
LennyGirL posted over 5 years ago

Im confused now.. How can i watch my favorite korean drama? what happened to the site? :(

Hawj-Ladii posted over 5 years ago

I use this site alot, but sometimes the graphics arent that good

barbieb posted over 4 years ago

the best…but what happened can't watch ?

blue garuda
blue garuda posted over 4 years ago

i think it's the best…if i see the movie: "love Letter" c2003. carpe diem (seize the day).

erikatheodora posted about 1 year ago

where can i watch korean drama ? why can't i view it ? huhuuCry