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Mobile Phone

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Mobile Phone

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Ever thought what life would be without the wonderous invention of mobile phones?

well let’s take a walk down memory lane; before mobile phones:

you would have to stick like glue to your family member/friend on shopping trips for fear of getting lost, and not having any way of finding them- aside from asking people who could either ignore you or abduct you, or police!

taking pictures of miraculous events or just news in general (i.e. july 7th in England, news events etc.) would not be possible, unless there was a paparazzi member around who happened to be carrying their camera with them!

listening to music would still be a thing of walkmans..or mp3 players if there were no mobile phones

being contactable at almost all times was virtually impossible- if you were waiting for a job interview or important call, you would do just that; wait at home all day, wasting valuable time!

getting bored was very easy in un-entertaining places such as doctors waiting rooms etc.; unless of course you ENJOYED reading 7 month old magazines..

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titch posted over 7 years ago

wud die without  mine lol