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Miyabi Natsuyaki

Created by KatsyKarma. Last Edited by Saki_chan97. Tagged as: Music, People
Miyabi Natsuyaki
Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki Miyabi Natsuyaki

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Real Name: Natsuyaki Miyabi (夏焼雅)

Nickname: Miya, Miyabi, Miiya

Birth Date: August 25, 1992

Birthplace: Saitama, Japan

Blood type: O

Height: 160.2 cm

Hobby: Purikura

Special skill: Baton, rollerblading

Habit: Touching my hair

Strong point: Bright and cheerful

Weak point: Shy, get mad easily

Favorite color: Black, white, pink

Favorite flower: Baby's breath, gerbera, tulip

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite word: "LOVE"

Favorite song: "FIRST KISS," "Masayume" (Aa!)

Favorite book: "MAX Lovely!" "Angel Lip," "Musume Monogatari"

Favorite movie: "Koinu Dan no Monogatari," "Spy Kids," "Harry Potter"

Favorite food: Yakiniku, sushi, fruits, ice-cream

Least favorite food: Green onions, green bell peppers, celery, parsley, carrots

Scared of: Monsters and cockroaches

Disliked thing/thing to do: Math and kanji

Charm point: Eyes

Miyabi in 2002


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donchan posted over 5 years ago

hey, why do you guys least like miiya-chan in Buono?

donchan posted over 5 years ago

Since she's an alto, she tries harder to reach the high notes! In sort, in Buono!, I think she sings the best!! And she's cute, too! Wink

VSgurlee posted over 5 years ago

she has insanely pretty hair.

morish:] posted over 5 years ago

shes hot definetly

Buono!911 posted over 5 years ago

Miyabi is Awesome!! I adore her music and her voice so much that I wish I was just like her. >_<

Chokotto posted over 5 years ago

I can't say words how much I love her! She is my favourite Buono and Berryz...& If I Have to choose only one in H!P who is the best is going to be...of course  Miya<3 I Love Love Love LOVE  LOVEE (!!!!!!!!!!)Reina..Eri...Momo..Yossie...Nono...Mari...Gaki...Captain...Airi...Mai...Chisato etc. (Those (who I told) are best 12 xD) but Miya is always be number one <33 She always make me smile ^^ If I am angry to someone I have to look Miya I'm not angry anymore at all! <3___________<3 She is Perfect Singer...Dancer...Person..I JUST LOWE HER ALL MY HEART <333 (I Love all girls in h!P all my heart..H!P is my number one Now and it going to be important to me 4ever!)

IF you don't believe me..well then you don't believe me. (And then you're stupid xp) ....Okay this is little bit strange 8DDD But so? That's truth ^^

hurrycanger posted over 5 years ago

These are what I have the same with her...


---Habit: Touching my hair  (even though I'm a boy. I know it's little bit weird)

Strong point: Bright and cheerful

Weak point: Shy, get mad easily  (this one is perfectly the same...)

Favorite color: Black, white, pink  (now you know how weird I am... . I also like blue)

Favorite season: Winter  (it's just because I can't stand the heat in summer and I prefer cold weather)---


Anyway, I feel kinda happy because I have something the same with her ^__^



sapharat posted over 4 years ago

miyabi chan Kawaii

I Love You miyabi

kymin posted over 4 years ago

i like everything in Miyabi Sama...

Her cute and beautiful face, her cheerful personallty, her smile... EVERYTHING.

she the best singer ever in Japan.

my dream is to go to Japan and meet her in person.

go Miyabi Sama, i;m in your side for ever.

Wickedklown768 posted over 3 years ago

She is the best all-around there is no doubt about it

kymin posted over 3 years ago
The Princess of H!P, the most beautiful, elegent, Cute, Charming and talented Girl i ever seen.
she is the number one in my heart…XIII