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Miracle Max

Created by Pincita Lopez. Last Edited by SinjinTiger. Tagged as: People
Miracle Max
Miracle Max Miracle Max Miracle Max

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A former servant of the king, he was fired by Prince Humperdinck, something he still harbors a grudge against, often referring to the Prince as "the King's stinking son"; he resurrects Westley after explaining that he is only mostly dead, and that if he were fully dead, the only thing they could do is go through his clothes and look for loose change. Max also gives a chocolate-coated pill which helps Westley regain consciousness.


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moose1212 posted over 7 years ago

it just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. if he's mostly dead there's only one thing you can do  . . . go through his pockets and look for loose change

SinjinTiger posted over 5 years ago

He said "Bye bye! Have fun storming the castle!"