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Ming Dao

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Ming Dao
Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao

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Ming Dao first started out as a model. Later on he acted as the host of a reality show called Mao Xian Wang (The King Of Adventure). He starred in various music videos, then co-starred alongside Cyndi Wang and Leon Jay Williams in La robe de Mariee des cieux. Most people recognize Ming Dao from Prince turns to Frog. Ming Dao is also a member of the Taiwan band 183 Club, along with 3 other members. The band's music can be heard in the Prince turns to Frog OST and The Magicians of Love OST. Their debut album was released on August 7 2006 which featured 10 songs including their first hit One Umbrella.


    * Name: 明道 / Ming Dao
    * English name: Matthew
    * Real name: 林朝章 / Lin Chao Zhang
    * Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
    * Birthdate: 1980-Feb-26
    * Birthplace: Taiwan
    * Height: 180cm
    * Weight: 72kg
    * Star sign: Pisces
    * Blood type: O
    * Music group: 183 Club

 He was a cast of the following TV Series:

    * Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (2007) as Yang Jia Jiang (楊家將)
    * Modern Youth (2007) as Zhou Ji Chun (周计春)
    * Angel Lover (2006) as Yang Tian You (楊天佑)
    * Legend of Star Apple (2006) as Tao Si (陶斯)
    * The Magicians of Love (2006) as Du Ya Si (杜亞斯)
    * Prince turns to Frog (2005) as Shan Jun Hao (單均昊)
    * La robe de Mariee des cieux (2004) as Chen Hai Nuo (程海諾)




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Hanna-me posted over 7 years ago
  • hE'S JuSt thE BEST
  • i lOVE u!
dla posted over 6 years ago
he's very cute lar...Kiss
eee posted over 6 years ago

fan 4 ever !!!

183 club

ming dao


siput137 posted over 6 years ago

mostly..i'll vote 4 this guy first before the other. u know y??

just 4 enjoy..

whie2x posted over 6 years ago

matthew is the best!!i really like him..=) he looks like my crush too..=)

Nadia Shazana
Nadia Shazana posted over 6 years ago

Ming dao is the best.I am so excited yo see his upcoming drama.

Jing Wei
Jing Wei posted over 5 years ago

Ming Dao is the best in this world.

I will support him forever...forever....

Waiting for Ming Dao new drama ( Staying by sunshine, staying by you ).


lovedrama posted over 4 years ago

He can be a business man and cute school boy. But which one do I like best?? He’s just to adorable, I can’t decide!